I am New to Smartphone, texting and everything and a Baby Boomer


    Okay hubby and I after using prepaid Virgin mobile for 15 years finally found we needed to get a smartphone only it is a learning experince and just got them Sunday June 3rds.   We never ever texted before and there are a lot of things we don't understand yet.   Guess like everything we will learn it over time.    I know we specifically chose T-Mobile after looking at many options.   We knew we did not want Verizon had it about 18 years ago and were never happy with them or their spotty service or help or support.   


    Went to Virgin mobile prepaid as it was fine usually but recently we had a situation needing much better service so finally got it now having to learn it.  


    So how many here are new and even more so Baby boomers and new to texting and using smartphones and all the technology.     Anyone like me having problems making things work?  Also what is this Tuesday thingy how does it work?   


    I am 67 years young, my husband is 68 we have been married for 47 years and have four children.  18 living grandchildren and 4 in heaven.   3 Great grandchildren.  Our oldest grandchild is 21 and our youngest one is 3 and she is an aunt to a 1 year old.   


    We live near Spokane, Washington way out in the mountains.  Yup I am Mountain folk or hillbilly if you will.   We love the nature and trees and wildlife we see daily most the year it is awesome.   Winter is Eh! so so not a fan of winter.     It is nice with fresh snow fall then blah but we make do.   Two of my sons live with us now having gone through divorce and a grandson age 19.    They will help somewhat in helping us learn how to use our devices.  Daughter who lives 60 miles away will help more though when she gets time.  Will see her this weekend.   


    So just saying hello and hope you all have a great and blessed day.   

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      • Hi. Lots of helpful and patient folks here to help guide you to using your devices in the best way to make the most of what you have.

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          Hi celanith

          Welcome to the forum.

          If your sons and grandson are helping you learn how to use your phone ,

          perhaps you might have questions that they might not have been able to answer yet.


          What make and model phone do you have?

          If you click on "Devices" at the top of the page,

          you will be able to find a lot of helpful information about your phone.


          Have you been able to find your way around the Community Forum website ?

          Do you have much experience in forums or chat rooms?


          Have you been able to find your inbox? It is that little red circle at the top of this page.


          Up at the top right hand corner you will see a push pin next to a little gear.

          Whenever you are reading a discussion that you want to read whenever it gets updated, you can click on the little push pin up at the top of that discussion page, and then every time anybody adds a reply to that particular discussion you will be notified in your inbox.


          Of course, if you haven't  already clicked on "Community" at the top of the page in the red banner I suggest you give it a try. That will give you an overview of all the cool stuff that this website has to offer..


          T-Mobile Tuesday happens every Tuesday. T-Mobile gives us free stuff. You can read about it here.   If you want to get any of the free stuff every Tuesday, you could ask one of your sons or grandson  to download the T-Mobile Tuesday "App"  or "application" to your smartphone, That will make the smartphone smarter.   This video will explain how T-Mobile Tuesday works. The video was made sometime ago and the free stock in the company is no longer given out.


          Feel free to comment or ask questions anytime you want.

          Please don't forget to tell us what kind of phone you have.


          I would also ask any of the other forum members if they would have any additional suggestions for celanith