Interesting, pointless, ploy by phone spammers


    Over the past few days my wife and I have received a couple of spam calls with identical characteristics: They all have the caller ID info spoofed so that they appear to come from phone on the same telephone exchange as our phones; my wife got them from 651-239-xxxx and I got them from 651-329-xxxx (both belong to T-Mobile, I think).


    But, rather than make us think they're from nice people, just like us, they stick out as absolutely, obviously bogus.


    I think Rule 1 of email spamming applies here: Spammers are idiots.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        I get these at work regularly.


        The amusing thing is when I'm at my desk I know it's spam because it doesn't come up with an internal name.


        The bad thing is we have the ability to forward our office phones to our home/cell (for when we're working from home) -- so, I don't know if it's genuine when they forward.

        • tmo_lauren

          Re: Interesting, pointless, ploy by phone spammers

          Oh man, I had that happening a few months ago and then it died out, probably because it wasn't working.


          If this ends up becoming something with increasing regularity, let me know so we can take a closer look. I am not exactly sure how, haha. But we'd figure something out.


          But seriously, if you are going to put the effort in to spoof, I would definitely put the effort in to think of a less obvious way to identify yourself. Oi.



            • rbob

              Re: Interesting, pointless, ploy by phone spammers

              Don't get a lot of them, but when I got one with my exchange and then my wife got one with hers, I thought it was weird to comment on.


              I don't know what Android OS level introduced it, but my Pixel on 7.1.2 has the option to report as spam, with the additional option to block. Numbers that others have reported are flagged as possible spam as they come in.


              I had initially assumed that since the numbers were spoofed, they'd never repeat and reporting or blocking would be pointless. However, I'm actially seeing the same numbers showing up repeatedly.


              So again, Rule 1: Spammers are stupid.

            • aiharkness

              Re: Interesting, pointless, ploy by phone spammers

              My experience, for what it's worth:


              I used to never get spam calls. Then about two months ago I started getting multiple calls per day from one or maybe two numbers. I wouldn't answer a number I don't recognize. The "caller" would leave a voicemail pretending to be returning my call, but stating someone else's name, not me.   This went on for days and then stopped. 


              A few days latter calls started from a different number. Sometimes there was a voicemail, but the voicemail was just desk noise. 


              From there is was more of the same.   Multiple calls per day, then a pause, then start again. Different numbers.   Some were from my same area code. I remember recognizing a number as a T-Mobile number.  Of course I know the numbers were probably spoofed.


              I am on the no-caller list in my state. I also turned on the T-Mobile service to identify likely spam calls, but not the option to block. I think one call was labeled potential spam. Not complaining, just reporting. I fully expect it to get better. 


              I'm in a lull right now. No spam calls for a few days now. 


              By the way, wife is experiencing more or less same as me. There are the two of us on the T-Mobile account. 


              Again, just sharing. 

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