Cannot receive SMS on duplicate Digits line


    Ever since it came out of Beta, I cannot receive SMS messages on the duplicate phone with the native phone number assigned to the phone. I need to be able to receive SMS so I can get the verification code for T-mobile app and some other apps that need activation. SMS sent to Digits number is received but apps look for the number that shows on the phone itself.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey there!


        Thanks for hanging with us through the DIGITS Beta! It's odd that SMS was fine in Beta then started acting up after the launch. Do you have issues receiving all SMS or only from shortcodes? If you're having issues receiving all SMS, please follow the below steps to ensure your primary line is set for your duplicate line:


        1. Log in to MyT-Mobile using your T-Mobile ID and password
        2. Click PHONE
        3. Select the DIGITS with Paired Data line that you want to manage
        4. Click Manage DIGITS Settings to open the myDIGITS page
        5. Select the primary phone number from the drop-down list
        6. Click SAVE


        Give that a shot and please let me know how it goes!