Unable to see line being called, only shows randomly. Adding lines on "mydigits" but aren't showing up.


    We installed the app and added the new Digits line to the username and it worked great at first, then within minutes it stopped showing the line being called. The point of the Digits line is to be able to see WHO is being called, simply showing the caller ID doesn't do anything for us at all, that's like giving out the same number still.


    Also, we have tried adding various lines to the same username but it isn't working anymore. Tried to add in a LineLink as well as a Tablet line, reinstalled app, logged out and back in, made sure multiple lines was enabled in the app. Still unable to see it in the "Which lines would you like active in the app" page when setting up the app.


    My son is a Sales Associate, he set everything up for me (he has Digits himself) and he cannot figure this out. We have logged in and out of the mydigits website repeatedly, re-added and removed the "user" from the Digits lines, and even tried manually typing in the email address instead of clicking "Add me".


    Something is clearly wrong, as it seems to pick and choose when to display who is being called, and we are unable to get any more lines attached to the account so we can use Digits the way it was intended.

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      • debjitjdv



        Ohh nice. You have help at home. But sadly, DIGITS is not very clear with many reps as of now and they are being brought to speed as we speak. Ok let me try to help you.


        1. If you want to add LineLink to DIGIT you need to call 1-844-889-5651 and ask them to upgrade your existing LineLink home phone e911 required to LineLink TE DIGITS compatible plan. Otherwise it wont work. Call the number and ask them the following:


        SOC: DGLNLKE2

        Description: LineLink TE

        Open: 5/31/2017


        Remember, this will only work if you are in TAX INCLUSIVE plan. The SOC is not available for the Tax Exclusive plan as of now.

        This should solve your LineLink issue.


        2. I exactly do not understand your first question.What do you mean by "it stopped showing the line being called?" Does it mean the app no longer shows the recipients name or it fails to show via which DIGITS line you are placing the call? An example would be very helpful to suggest you properly. If the number called number is in your contact list, it should show the name of the person who is being called.


        3. Please go to the following website: https://mydigits.t-mobile.com/consumer/  and login using the PAH credential if thats the T-Mo ID you are trying to use for DIGITS app. Then under the "DIGITS I can use" please see which numbers are enlisted. You can only add those numbers which are enlisted under "Other DIGITS I can manage". If you are not PAH, then I am not sure if you can add any other number other than your own number. The PAH on the other hand can grant you permission to use other numbers. If PAH clicks on any number in the "DIGITS I can Use" and "Other DIGITS I can Manage" and assigns existing T-Mo IDs then those T-MO IDs will be able to access those numbers in the DIGITS app.


        4. And I am not sure, but my firm believe is Tablet Lines may not work with DIGITS because ideally the Tablet lines are meant for MOBILE INTERNET without voice and text capability. So please try to add VOICE and / or LineLink lines and share your experience after following the above steps. Please tag me. I would look forward to hear from you.


        Also, in case of any difficulties, please give an example which speaks further than having a couple of confusing sentences. Hope you see my point,

          • docimmer

            1.) This seems a little counter intuitive that in order for my LineLink to work in a fully TI account I need to call and request a TE rate plan, when customer care says that TI/TE rate plans cannot be mixed together in the same account. I suggest making sure you understand the facts fully before telling people to change their rate plans around. The solution here is not to force people to change rate plans based on whether or not their taxes are included, they need to fix this so it works with both TI/TE accounts. For Example: You cannot have TE voice lines and TI mobile internet lines mixed together on any given account, and calling customer care and asking for a TI account can raise a 10 line account over $50 in taxes for simple DIGITS functionality.


            2.) My son figured out what is going on when the phone is not displaying which phone number is being called correctly on the phone. What we mean by this is that when I am getting a call to my new DIGITS line, and it is ringing on my regular SIM card phone, it shows the line being called/rung ONLY if the contact is not saved in the phone already. This makes sense, as the software engineers probably assumed that if you have the contact saved in your contacts, then you know who it is and will answer or not depending on that information alone. Unfortunately, this assumption is incorrect, as there are situations that a work colleague may want to call your work line to talk about business, or your personal to talk about personal things, and you may want to screen one of those calls depending on if you are available or wanting to work/chat. For example: See previous statement.


            3.) We had already done everything you listed before we made the original post. Something is wrong with DIGITS in general, when we log in as the PAH and try to manage lines, nothing we have been adding in the last few hours is showing up in the app as a "DIGITS I can use", although it is appearing once we add it in the mydigits.t-mobile.com website under the correct column. For example: I added a specific line to the DIGITS I can use, reinstalled the DIGITS app, logged in to the same PAH T-Mobile account, and can only activate some of the lines I have added.


            4.) Tablets actually do have texting capabilities, so that statement is incorrect. MI rate plans include unlimited texting, so there is no reason that these rate plans shouldn't be compatible. DIGITS is required to be set up as a Mobile Internet line itself, clearly indicating that the MI rate plans are 100% compatible. Tablet lines are supposed to be part of DIGITS, T-Mobile is pitching this service as: you can access your DIGITS on all your devices. Marginalizing tablet lines simply because they don't have Talk assigned doesn't make sense. For example: A Phone, Smartwatch, Computer, or Tablet can all have DIGITS on them.



          • debjitjdv

            Also, just to mention, DIGITS backend engineering team is currently looking into a LineLink call log sync issue. It WONT AFFECT your calling ability from DIGITS app via LineLink number but you may see that the call logs are NOT synchronized to DIGITS app when called from home phone via LineLink device.

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