Can't view texts from my wife (same plan)


    I've had a Note 4 (current Android version: 6.0.1) since it came out and it's worked fine up to this point. But recently for some reason I haven't been getting text messages from my wife's number and it's driving me crazy.


    I think it started around the time I set the Facebook Messenger app to default for SMS/messaging. When she sent pictures it would send the picture as a separate conversation despite not doing that for anyone else from my contact list.


    A few weeks ago I switched back to the default SMS app because I got tired of the Facebook one (also somehow I deleted her contact from my phone though I'm not sure when I did that specifically).

    Since then apparently I haven't been receiving any texts from my wife despite the fact that she's sent a few. I didn't realize it until today and started seriously troubleshooting and... I can not find a friggin' solution to this.


    1 - I tried deleting her contact entry again and making a new one.

    2 - I've made sure she's not listed as a spam number.

    3 - I've made sure my Spam Folder in the Messages app is empty.

    4 - I deleted our entire text message chain thinking that maybe the phone was hitting a soft limit of some kind, since I never delete any of our messages.

    5 - I added her as a favorite contact.

    6 - I checked the FB Messenger app and somehow two of the texts she sent got received by that application. I disabled SMS on there, no change. Then I uninstalled the FB Messenger app and this is kind of where it gets weird and even more frustrating....

    7 - After uninstalling FB Messenger, the Message app shows the number of unread texts from my wife next to her Contact picture. That number goes up when I send test messages from her phone to mine... but I still can't read her friggin' texts. If I "click" to open the messages, it just takes me to a "write new message" page. Normally that page shows your whole conversation history with the number but ... in this case, it just shows a blank screen as if there's no messages (and it was doing this before I even deleted our message history). So somehow the phone is registering that I have 30+ texts but I have absolutely no friggin' way to access the messages.


    Does anyone have any idea at all?

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      • purluesky

        Re: Can't view texts from my wife (same plan)

        I am having the same issue. Here are the details in list format.


        1. I can receive my wife text messages.

        2. She can't receive my wife text messages.

        3. I can send/receive everyone else on my contact list just fine.

        4. She send send/receive everyone else on her contact list just fine.

        5. We are on the same simple choice plan.

        6. This started to happen on 6/5/2017 around 10PM.

        7. The last significant thing that I did with my phone right before this happen is that I was using T-Mobile Digit on my computer to send her text message through my number. Right after that, she stop receiving text message from my number.


        Only reason I need a phone is to communicate with my wife. Please help me get this fix soon. Thank you.

          • hexenherz

            Re: Can't view texts from my wife (same plan)

            I was actually able to fix the problem, but the solution isn't very great. I had to delete ALL of my text messages in the Messages app and then her texts started appearing again.

            You can maybe back up your text messages with a program before doing this if you have important information you have to keep.

            Not the best solution but I just got tired of looking for answers after two hours last night.

              • tmo_marissa

                hexenherz, thanks for following up here with your troubleshooting -- is everything still going OK? I know that losing that entire message history isn't enjoyable, but I'm hoping that it proves successful for the long haul. I hadn't heard of the FB Messenger behaving this way previously, but it's a good cautionary tale -- I'm only sorry that updating your settings there and uninstalling weren't enough to fix the problems alone!


                purluesky, I'm wondering if your issue might actually be different, because of your DIGITS participation. Have you had a chance to reach out and report this to our Tech team thus far? If the message problems are isolated to only your wife's number (unfortunately, probably the most important contact in your phone!) then this is a matter we'd want reported to engineering with the number details and time stamps. Has that been taken care of yet? If I couldn't text back and forth with my husband I'd be going bananas!


                - Marissa

            • tmo_marissa

              Hey there! Just checking back in here to see how you're doing!


              - Marissa

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Can't view texts from my wife (same plan)

                Just wanted to check in here again to see how things are going. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.