Using a Non T-Mobile Device with DIGITS.


    Ok so the title of this thread should be pretty self explanatory but I'm not really seeing a lot of info on this topic.


    My concerns/questions are in regards to people who want to use DIGITS on a non T-Mobile device and how voice/text/data is used. So for example say I have a Verizon branded phone for work purposes. If I make a call using my DIGITS (personal) number instead of the Verizon one will that call use Verizon's minutes or T-Mobile's? Or will it use data from the Verizon plan? The same question goes for messages.


    The reason I ask is I know that if I set up DIGITS on a data only device (i.e. an iPad from Verzion) it would most likely use Verizon's data to place calls and messages. If you were on a WiFi only device you obviously would not need to worry about data utilization.


    For my purposes I want to know this because I am considering having a phone through Verizon or Project Fi because I work in an area with horrible coverage from T-Mobile. I would like to have something that I could supplement my T-Mobile coverage during the time I'm at my office (as opposed to switching carriers since I have family that are on my plan and they have no issues with T-Mobile which is ironic since I was the one who made the switch to T-Mobile). I am interested in knowing this information because it affects the amount of data I need to consider in purchasing if I go with another carrier. If calls don't rely on data and use that carriers minutes I can go with minimal data since I have T-Mobile One.


    If any of this is unclear please let me know and I will try to elaborate further.



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      • smirkis

        Re: Using a Non T-Mobile Device with DIGITS.

        The way it is currently setup, if you choose the minutes option and data for messages, then all calls within digits use your actual minutes. messages use data. if you select data only, it will use data for calls and messages.

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        • debjitjdv

          Re: Using a Non T-Mobile Device with DIGITS.

          To elaborate more let we assume your T-Mo number is YYY-YYY-YYYY and Non T-Mo number is XXX-XXX-XXXX


          If you have DIGITS app installed in your Non-T-Mo device and you are trying to call from the DIGITS app with Minutes mode then:

          1. DIGITS app will call a randomly generated number of the form +1-413-417-ZZZZ and this call will be routed via XXX-XXX-XXXX and will use minutes from XXX-XXX-XXXX. The recipient will see YYY-YYY-YYYY as caller ID
          2. While sending messages from the DIGITS app, you will be using XXX-XXX-XXXX data but that should not be a huge amount. Any moderate data plan in the Non-T-Mo device should do.
          3. If you use Data mode in the DIGITS app then both your call and message via DIGITS app will use DATA from XXX-XXX-XXXX and recipient will see YYY-YYY-YYYY as caller ID. But calls over DATA will use significant DATA from Non-T-Mo number and you will need significant data plan for that. I guess option 1 is more suitable if you are looking to pay less for data.
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            • daltemose

              Re: Using a Non T-Mobile Device with DIGITS.

              So in that way it's almost like Google Voice? I say that because if you wanted to use minutes through a carrier Google would dial a number through Google and it would route the call to it's destination with Caller ID showing you GV number.


              This clears up everything Thanks!

              • magenta1762965

                Thanks for the explanation .If my t-mobile number YYY-YYY-YYYY  has a state side international calling enabled and  I place a call from my non -tmobile  phone using a digits app  with YYY-YYY-YYYY number with minutes mode then would  my call be free  since I have a state side international calling or would it use my non-tmobile minutes and  my non t-mobile carrier charge me for international call ?

                  • debjitjdv

                    I think it will be.The reason is the DIGITS app will convert that State Side call to a local number of the form +1-413-417-XXXX and since your non T-Mobile phone can call any US number hence it wont be charged. I think your non- t mobile carrier wont charge you for an international call. But still I am tagging tmo_chris and tmo_evan, our DIGITS GURU for further confirmation.

                      • tmo_evan

                        Re: Using a Non T-Mobile Device with DIGITS.

                        When you're outside of North America and you have the DIGITS app installed on a phone from another carrier, then the app should auto-default itself to using Data rather than dialing a number via the dialer of the phone.  The main reason is that we didn't want you to be charged (via your other carrier) for a call back to the US since DIGITS does use an intermediary number in helping to make the phone call.  This is true with T-Mobile phones as well, and since we offer Simple Global so your data is then also taken care of.