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    My bill lists this as my plan "Simple Choice VAL UnlTT+D" What does that include, thanks?

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      • gramps28

        Re: Plan Question

        Unlimited talk , text and data.

          • magenta1697270

            Re: Plan Question

            I also have this charge "SC UnlData & 5GB SMHS BIS $20.00" I used to have a BlackBerry but switched last year to a S7.  Do I need both?

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: Plan Question

                Hey, magenta1697270! Sorry for the delay chiming in here. As gramps28 mentioned, the UNL TT+D referred to in your rate plan's name refers to unlimited talk, text, and unlimited data, but not unlimited high speed data. The data plan called out in your comment above, SC UnlData & 5GB SMHS, provides you with unlimited high speed data on your line, and allots 5GB to a smartphone mobile hotspot so that your phone can also provide that amount of data to another device. Although the BIS you're seeing does refer to a feature that would have been specially provisioned for a Blackberry device, as long as your S7 is working OK, I'd recommend keeping it as is, since you've got a fantastic (grandfathered) plan and price point!


                - Marissa