Why does the android version insist on using google contacts


    I have an Android LG gPAD 8 tablet that I want to use with digits but my contacts (with phone numbers) exist in the Microsoft world.  It seems that an assumption was made with the app that android users would not need to connect with exchange the way PC users can.  This could be remedied to some extent if the contacts for DIGITS could be synched across devices using DIGITS contacts in the cloud.


    Is it possible and I am just missing it or is it planned in a future release?  I assume this would be valuable to others in the opposite direction as well - Android users who would like DIGITS to sync Google contacts to their PC/MAC DIGITS desktop app.


    Thoughts I need to share...

    This may sound like faint praise but this service is a game changer in my opinion, Google Voice may have led the way but T-M DIGITS could prove to be VERY disruptive if the execution turns out to be as good as the innovation itself.  This has the potential to turn every PC/MAC/Desktop/Laptop/IPAD/chromebook/XBOX(?) with headset and an internet connection into a voice enabled communication device capable of touching any phone anywhere. Something no existing messaging app can do as well.

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      • debjitjdv

        You can upload all of your contacts either from Microsoft Exchange / Google Contacts to DIGITS contact cloud and can use any uploaded contacts from any DIGITS connected device.

        Please go to Contacts tab in the Android DIGITS app and do upload contacts to cloud to make sure your contacts gets uploaded and be available in other devices.

          • magenta-idol4s

            I can see no menu item in Contacts on the PC client to upload my exchange contacts to DIGITS

            Only options are to add a Google Account or add an Exchange Account no matter what tab I am on.



              • debjitjdv

                You need to upload the contacts using the Android or iOS app from your phone.

                  • magenta-idol4s

                    There does not seem to be a way to connect the ANDROID version of DIGITS to an exchange account at least not in the version on my LG G Pad 8. It appears to insist using Google services only so that it ends up using the Gmail contacts which for me only contain email addresses, no phone numbers making it almost useless for digits


                    I believe that if someone could explain how to connect Android digits to Microsoft exchange, or if they could explain how to upload my exchange contacts on the PC client, then my problem would be solved as it is working wonderfully on my windows tablet


                    From what I can see as the applications currently implemented there is not parity of features across all of the digits clients

                      • debjitjdv

                        I guess its pretty easy. Let me give you the steps:


                        1. Connect your Google account via Settings -> Accounts -> Add Account (Android Native Settings)
                        2. Connect your Exchange Account via Settings -> Accounts ->Add Exchange Account (Android Native Settings)
                        3. Make sure in both the steps above you sync the contacts to your device.
                        4. Go To the DIGITS app and go to the contacts tab at the upper right corner
                        5. Go to the Cloud tab in the contacts right down side corner
                        6. Click on the Three Dots on the upper right corner
                        7. Click sync from device
                        8. Press yes when system asks if you want to replace your DIGITS cloud contacts with the contacts in your device


                        Let me know if it works for you. The same method applies to iOS DIGITS app. This is reasonable because your device already has the synced contacts so better to upload the contacts from the device contacts instead of associating the DIGITS with Exchange and Google.


                        In the PC or in Mac, there is no such DEVICE contacts par se. So they have explicit option to add Google / Exchange accounts.


                        Let me know if it works for you.

                          • magenta-idol4s

                            I had started down a different route but I will give this a try you report back, thanks for your continued interest and help

                              • magenta-idol4s

                                Perhaps because I had started trying something else you steps did not work exactly for me but they did lead me in the right direction so I am going to mark them as the correct answer.  It may also be that my reference to EXCHANGE was not completely accurate as the contacts I want are accessible from Outlook.COM.  I called it EXCHANGE because the PC client called it that and was able to connect to OutLook.COM and get my contacts.  I am going to try to capture what I did that eventually gave me the results I was looking for in case they might help someone else.


                                The goal was to import my OUTLOOK app contacts which are used and maintained on my Windows 10 PC into DIGITS on an Android N tablet (my new LG GPAD 8) which because it was a new tablet it had no contacts on the device.


                                1. First I got cleared out all the contacts in the native contacts app that synched from gMail as they did not have telephone numbers.
                                2. I already had the Outlook app on the tablet as it came pre-installed.
                                3. I had already connected the app to my outlook.com account and could see the contacts and both email and contacts were synching with the service.
                                4. In the Outlook app there is a setting to do a one way synch to the device (technically the native CONTACTS app) which I performed.
                                5. I launched DIGITS and could see the desired contacts with phone numbers - WIN!
                                6. I uploaded them to the cloud - DONE,
                                  well not so fast....
                                7. Don't do this - I went back into Outlook and disabled the synch
                                8. When I went back to DIGITS to discover that the contacts were GONE, and to my surprise even the cloud ones were gone not sure why that might have been. Turns out the Outlook app synch is one way and when it is disabled it removes the accounts from the device as well, apparently as a security precaution.  DRAT !
                                9. I noticed a backup capability in the Contacts app so I repeated the steps above to import the contacts and made a backup which I would then restore
                                10. When I restored my backup the first time to my surprise there was only one account.  After more trial and error I discovered backup defaults to only backup the currently selected contact and not all contacts, (who thought that was a good idea).  After finding and changing the setting (yes I had to repeat the import again too) it backed up all the contacts as vCards.
                                11. I went back and disabled the synch, which again removed all the contacts but this time when I imported the backup all my contacts were there.
                                12. When I went into DIGITS they were there too (although why doesn't DIGITS use the same SORT and CONTACTS uses, not sure why anyone would want contacts sorted by first name) and then uploaded them to the DIGITS CLOUD.
                                13. I am considering putting a copy on the SIM but not sure what good that would do since it is not truly a phone.


                                So I believe if I knew how things worked the short steps would have been...

                                1. In the working Outlook app perform a synch to the device (really the native Contacts APP)

                                  (if you are OK with leaving synch on you can stop here, but I wanted to insure a local copy was available)

                                2. Backup ALL contacts to the storage on the device (vCard format)

                                3. Turn off Synch in the Outook app
                                4. Import the vCard backup to the native Contacts app
                                5. Open DIGITS and verify
                                6. Synch DIGITS device to CLOUD/


                                Now I can see now why you were somewhat frustrated with the original post...   


                                With your help I got what I was looking for after a learning experience and a few self inflicted wounds.  I figure in the first release of DIGITS since the primary target was phones that are already pretty good at contact management so only the necessary consideration was given to doing that within DIGITs on other devices. Maybe in release 2 more consideration could be given to non-phone clients like PCs, MACs, tablets, Android wear, or even XBOXs and Playstations using the t-mo cloud for storage and interchange - I have actually needed and used this service twice already when my phone went out - absolutely awesome that I can have a phone conversation, using my number, with anyone who knows it, on just about any internet connected device with a microphone and a speaker


                                - Again thanks for you help