Note 4 - EQE2 update problems


    I am having major lag and freezing since installing the EQE2 update on 06/01/17. Anyone else?

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      • stevetjr

        Re: Note 4 - EQE2 update problems

        Have you tried clearing the cache partition? It is always a good idea after any update.


        Wipe cache partition: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

        • magenta1673845

          Re: Note 4 - EQE2 update problems

          Got frustrated to to the point I did full factory reset. The lags and freezes are still there. The problem is in the EQE2 firmware.

          • spd010273

            Re: Note 4 - EQE2 update problems

            I would like to add that my Note 4 is also having this issue as well. Tried all the steps listed in response to OP, as well as those here:

            • Two factory resets with and without SD card present.
            • Flash back to EQC1 firmware with a factory reset (Using ODIN v3.11), SD card removed.


            Tonight, I'm going to try going back to a much older firmware, possibly DPE3 or later with a full erase / re-partition.


            The issue/symptoms described by the original poster are very difficult to reproduce, and from my experience, the phone will lag or perform uncommanded reboots when:

            • launching apps from notifications, specifically Hangouts, Gmail, Snapchat.
            • Using apps like Imgur or Instagram where scrolling will produce a burst of net activity, when loading new content is when the phone will hang. Sometimes even opening one of these apps will cause a hang.
            • I've had a few hangs (no reboots) simply from manipulating the notification bar.


            It seems that if the phone becomes unresponsive for an extended period of time, a watchdog timer causes a reboot. This behavior is difficult to reproduce since The same series of actions are not guaranteed to produce a reboot / hang every time. This are the symptoms I was having on EQE2 and now EQC1.

            • noc777

              Re: Note 4 - EQE2 update problems

              After the phone working perfectly the update came and it was a nightmare!!



              We bought another battery just in case it was the issue but same thing.



              We returned phone and got a new one BUT same thing happened to new one after update.



              We returned that one and got another one and after a couple of weeks SAME THING after update!!



              For sure is not the battery, is not the SD Card, is not the apps installed We left the phone without all this.



              After doing a quick search see many articles of people having same issues as me after this update.





              What is going to happen?

              Are they going to fix this?

              What can you do about this mistake you pushed on us?

              Tmobile? Pls help!