DIGITS is confusing


    I really want to like DIGITS, but there's a lot of misinformation being fed around your social support channels that sounds to contradict what is shown on the website for DIGITS.


    My understanding as I read the website is this:


    I can install the DIGITS app on my corporate phone serviced through Verizon and use my existing personal T-Mobile line as a DIGITS line through which I can send and receive calls and texts. This should be free, per what the website says. I'm not looking to get a new line or number issued. I want to use the one and only line I pay for with T-Mobile.


    Agents are telling me I need the ONE Plus data plan to grant me a DIGITS line so that I can use DIGITS. But then why am I being told that my existing number is a DIGITS line? I don't want two lines. I want to use my current number as is, FOR FREE, with the DIGITS app on my corporate device. Am I crazy? Or is your website just extremely misleading?

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      • antlerdruid

        Re: DIGITS is confusing

        I just tried hooking mine up today also. This is how I am understanding it but the T-mobile CS I spoke with wasn't sure how it worked either....because I was adding my Gear s3 to Digits.


        So by default your main T-mobile number has Digits FREE - it works like Google Voice in that you can text on a PC with your Phone Number & on devices (tablets) as long as it doesn't have its own phone number assigned to it.


        Now if you want to add another device (smart watch) that has its own Phone number, you need to upgrade to One PLUS for $5.00 to have that number added to DIGITS. That will allow me to send texts from my watch using my Primary Phone number - not the watch phone number. Normally if i am not Blue-toothed to my phone, it would send texts using the watch phone number.


        There is a DIGITS app for the phone but when I use that I get multiple replies sent to my watch via DIGITS & Message default program....so trying to figure that out.


        Hope this helps abit...trying to learn as I go.

        • debjitjdv

          Re: DIGITS is confusing



          Welcome to the DIGITS. Thanks for trying out. And you can rely on me as I am one of the BETA testers who started using DIGITS from very first day. I understand that you got conflicting and wrong info from the reps (which I am not surprised at all). So here is the deal:


          • App only access of DIGITS is always free no matter what plan you are on. Just make sure you have a T-Mo ID associated with your T-Mo number. BNy default on commercial launch all T-Mobile numbers are converted into DIGITS. There is no numbers now, all of them are DIGITS
          • You are not crazy my friend neither the website is misleading. What website says is perfectly ok.
            • Just go to Play Store / App store based on your phone.
            • Download the DIGITS app latest version to your corporate phone serviced via Verizon
            • Then login using your associated T-Mo ID.
            • Verify your number to use DIGITS in Cellular Data minutes while placing call. Message will always use your DATA.
            • And then VOILA. Call your family, near and dear ones from the DIGITS app using your T-Mo number.
            • ITS THAT SIMPLE.
            • magenta is to make life simple not harder my friend.

          Hope it resolves your concern. Please keep us posted. I want to hear that you have come out with flying colors after following the above mentioned steps. Looking forward to hear from you.

          • artart

            Re: DIGITS is confusing

            preachingtoghosts wrote:


            I really want to like DIGITS, but there's a

            lot of misinformation being fed around

            your social support channels

            that sounds to contradict what is

            shown on the website for DIGITS.



            Hi preachingtoghosts

            Welcome to the T-Mobile Support Community.

            Many in this community are not T-Mobile employees. Those of us who are not T-Mobile employees have no authority to make statements of fact on behalf of T-Mobile. We can only share our own experiences and understanding concerning issues others might bring to the attention of this forum. We can often be helpful in providing answers, but any advice you receive in this forum from non employees is based on that particular member's own knowledge & experience. So that you can avoid acting on misinformation in this forum please take the time to read the Community Support Guidelines. Many long time knowledgeable members of this community will frequently provide links to T-Mobile documentation pertaining to the issues being discussed. Unfortunately, there is little documentation and authoritative detailed step by step guides pertaining to the DIGITS launch yet. I believe that discussion threads like this one, are actually going to form the basis of information to be included in the documentation.


            I assure you that you have come to the right place with your concerns.

            Yes there is a lot of misinformation about DIGITS, some of it even appears in these discussion threads. No one here claims to be the best or only reliable source for your DIGITS information. Some have more experience with DIGITS than others and may have the proper solution to your problems. That doesn't mean that T-Mobile customer service representatives are inept at doing their jobs. They simply haven't had enough experience with the multitude of individual concerns, that pop up when Dealing With DIGITS


            I hope that you will have received all the help you were seeking

            by the time this discussion thread is concluded. I personally would like to ask you, now that you are a member of this community, to keep in touch and provide us with feedback. It is most important for all of us to know when particular advice you received, works as promised, thus verifying what is misinformation and what is not.



            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: DIGITS is confusing

              Hey preachingtoghosts  and my apologies if our contents added confusion to the mix.


              You can use the T-Mobile DIGITS app & web client  as long as it meets the requirements on that link. I wanna thank our other users for dropping by and posting. Please let us know if you still need help. Thanks!