Digits PC app blocks Windows 10 Video


    I installed the dedicated Windows app for Digits and at first thought everything was fine. But then I went to play something in the Hulu app and it failed to play with some odd error which their help gave no solution. I then found that streamed videos in games failed. Likewise YouTube failed. When I quit Digits everything came back. Starting it again stopped it again. So it's definitely Digits that is doing it. It seems it is clogging up something. It's use on the PC is diminished if I can't run other things correctly with it.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Digits PC app blocks Windows 10 Video

        That is so weird! I don't think this is solely an issue with the DIGITS app as I use the app myself and stream quite a bit of video content on my PC. I think there is something going on with how your computer sees the DIGITS app. It is odd that having the DIGITS app running is like having a switch that turns off and on your ability to stream video content.


        What sort of errors specifically are you getting when trying to stream when DIGITS is open/active?

          • jamssx

            Re: Digits PC app blocks Windows 10 Video

            Ok, been trying to do a bit of debugging. It seems to mainly impact WindowsStore apps (inc Edge) and IE. Chrome does not have a problem. My Firefox is a special config so I haven't tried that.

            If the app is open before Digits starts it seems to work no issues.

            If the app is opened after Digits one of two things happens. Either it fails to open correctly and ends up as a tiny window or if it opens when it tries to play the video it gives a generic can't play video.

            Dragonmania for example says to check the network connection. YouTube plays the first few frames and then stops. Hulu gives a PB4 error which their help says 'run windows update' or 'update video driver'

            My guess is it is claiming all of a particular class or handle. I'm running a fully patched Creators Update version of Windows 10.

          • tmo_chris

            Re: Digits PC app blocks Windows 10 Video

            Sorry for the delay. I am still looking into this.