No Longer Receiving SMS Text on My Phone w/ Digits


    I need help.  Since I registered for Digits, I can no longer receive texts on my Galaxy S8.  I was only receiving texts on my iPad.  I unregistered all my devices, and I still cannot receive texts on my phone.  I need help fixing this ASAP!!!!!!

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      • tmo_chris

        Well that is no good at all! Let's see what we can do to get you back up and running! Can you please visit  and ensure that your phone number is set as "DIGITS I can use". Also, please follow the steps below to ensure that you have unlocked your built-in DIGITS functionality for your S8.

        1. Open the T-Mobile app. If you don't have it, download it now.
        2. Tap Menu > USAGE & PLANS.
        3. Tap View line details.
        4. Scroll down to the DIGITS tile.
        5. Tap Unlock.
        6. On the unlock page, tap the Unlock button.
        • tmo_marissa

          Hi, mferrara1971! We just wanted to check in and see if the steps above had fixed this for you! How is everything going?


          - Marissa

          • dougrpete

            I have been on the beta program for over 4 months now and despite MULTIPLE and REPEATED attempts to work with TMO support, as of today I continue to experience problems with reliably receiving text message on my phone. Honestly, I do not receive MOST of my messages on phone. Running my Gear S3 in stand alone mode (not connected via bluetooth or wifi) I seem to get all text messages on the watch but not phone. Likewise I receive all messaging through the digits app on iPad and PC web interface...but not phone.Have been very patient and now growing very frustrated over the lack of solution on this after such a long time...especially as TMO has now deemed the Digits product 'complete' and ready for general consumption. HELP! PLEASE!

              • tmo_chris

                I am very sorry to hear that you are having so many issues with DIGITS dougrpete What kind of phone are you using specifically? You said that you are unable to receive most SMS on your phone so that tells me that you are receiving some SMS messages so I want to dig in a bit deeper here to see if there is a pattern to the messages you are not receiving.


                When you receive an SMS on your watch but not your phone, how many bars of signal does your phone show that you have? Are the messages that you are not receiving on your phone all from the same specific numbers or are there times where you do get the SMS on your phone from a specific number and other times you don't from that same number?

                  • dougrpete

                    @tmo_chris thanks for the follow up!! I have a Samsung Note 4 (which was working just fine prior to the digits beta switch). You are correct that I do in fact receive a few sporadic messages on the phone. I cannot say exactly on the number of signal bars, I will have to watch that. No it is not a problem with just specific numbers. In fact I frequently will receive a message from a contact and then not receive the very next message they send me. Unfortunately I have worked hard to try and isolate any type of pattern to find some commonality that may help... but as of now unfortunately I cannot find anything I would call a common link.


                    At the recommendation of tmo_evan I stopped by a tmo store yesterday and asked them to swap out the sim card (which they did and indicated I had an older card.) I thought there may have been some immediate improvement as I was quickly able to receive some text messages. However, in just a short period (less than an hour) I began dropping messages in the middle of a conversation with the same person. I was monitoring these messages on the digits web portal as well as my watch to know the phone was not receiving them.


                    I will continue to watch over the coming days to see if it improves with the new sim and report back either way. Thanks again for your help!!!

                • magenta2112739

                  Did you ever get this solved?? I'm having the exact same issue. I've done everything you have listed as well. I've been dealing with reps online, multiple phone reps and they all give me different "solutions" that seem to fix it for a little bit never work past that. I'm a month into this since June 13th.


                  Typically this is how it it goes. I'll be texting fine, then messages will stop coming in and i'll go to send a message, when I try to send it it just sits there saying "sending". If I am logged into digits on my computer or tablet I'll see the message was actually sent but the reply won't come to my phone it will just come to the digits website/app/tablet app. The only way for me to get it to come to the phone again is to restart the phone, let the text on the phone say "failed" and then start sending. Any message I said or receive after that will come in but I the messages sent to the phone during that time will not come to the phone.


                  Things I've been told that weren't solutions:


                  Turn WiFi calling on (did this and then even didn't use WiFi for a 4 days to see if that was the issue, it wasn't)

                  Log out of all digits devices then log back in (worked for almost a day then stopped)

                  Log out of "multiline" on the S8 since I am just using my primary line and not multiple numbers. While this did seem to work the best, still not working.

                  Stay logged out of digits on everything just keep the phone active (Doesn't work either, and with this method the messages that I don't get on my phone I'll never see)


                  I'm really tired of this. Personally I have started looking at Verizon plans because now they are about the same price. Seems like no one at T-mobile has a actual solution.

                  • dougrpete

                    as for me... sadly no. I have been battling this situation since FEBRUARY 2017. I too have been working with multiple tmo support staff since that time and to date have had not one fix. None of the staff have offered a single solution or fix. I have provided missed message logs ad nauseam for months now. All of the diagnostics and isolation have been done unguided by me without suggestion from tmo and I have reported to tmo to help further a solution. Sadly I also seem to never hear back from tmo staff until I reach out again via support threads etc.


                    Sure wish this would get resolved!!! I have been patient to a fault... but realistically cannot keep missing important business messages on my phone either. Seem what I thought would be an incredible technology and huge kudos to tmo is perhaps nothing more than an adorable idea that is impossible to implement or support.

                    • kev166

                      I am having the same issue again. I had to open the digits app to find a message. What do we do in a case like this?

                        • dougrpete

                          Don't hold your breath for a solution. I have been fighting this problem since February and I am STILL not receiving all my messages on my phone despite multiple and repeated attempts to work with tmo support. Seems the only semi reliable means of getting messages is through the digits interface on another device or pc web browser which isn't very convenient when you are using your phone.


                          It has been yet another 30 days of digits, another 30 days of missed messages, another 30 days of NO communication from tmo with any hint of ideas or solution. Sad and very disappointing. I honestly just do not know what to do anymore. Maybe it's time to consider another carrier .


                          tmo_evan tmo_chris

                        • jayminho

                          digits is the worst thing you can install.. i have installed t-mobile digits and now I CANNOT RECEIVE ANY SHORTCODE from banks, uber, whatsapp, nothing!!!


                          worst yet, t-mobile people have no clue what to do.


                          stay away from t-mobile digits.. i will change my simcard number!!

                          • dougrpete

                            Wanted to follow up a bit on this for those still struggling with this digits issues. Due to my frustrations in trying to find a solution with tmobile, I began trying some additional scenarios on my own trying to isolate the problem or find a work around. In so doing, I tried the 2 following things that appear to have affected a change as I seem to be reliably receiving more or most of my messages. I have forwarded this information on to tmo support to investigate, but have not heard anything back as they are suggesting it is my phone and want me to try my sim in another phone (which is just not something I can do currently).


                            I think it would be interesting to have some of you try these things and see if you can replicate my results. At worst you may start receiving your messages again through a work around ... at best it may be something we could forward results to tmo to get a real / permanent fix for this. Keep us posted on your results!


                            1) due to incredibly poor / short battery life on my Gear S3 watch running in stand alone mode (as this was the only way I could get messages properly at least on the watch), I re-paired the watch to the phone via Bluetooth and have left them connected continually. I wondered if perhaps in stand alone mode the watch was receiving the messages, notifying the tmo server of a delivery receipt and the message then did not ALSO get sent to the phone....? In either event, since doing this (along with the next change below) the phone is now receiving texts and forwarding them via bluetooth to the watch. An improvement.


                            2) I downloaded the digits APP for windows (app ver 1.5.3) for my pc instead of using the web browser interface as previous. I have since left this app open 24/7 on my pc. All messages continue to be received in the app (as previous with the app on my ipad and pc web browser). However, since doing this the messages are also being received more reliably on the phone as well. This struck me as more than a coincidence since on previous occasions when I would miss messages on the phone throughout the day, when I would log into digits on the pc web browser I would occasionally get a sudden flurry of messages that would then roll in and pop up on my phone that had all been sent earlier in the day. I have yet to try closing the app to see if affects the messages to my phone. I need to do that.

                            • cdeblasio

                              Been battling with t-mobile for the last 4 or 5 months I lost track. I talked to someone that kinda knew what he was doing he removed my number from didgits permanitly but a week or two went by still same issue. Ive replaced the entire phone itself and the sim card no results Im about to go as far as changing my number the same number ive had since 2007. But I think the last call finally resolved it with the over the air update they issued to my phone if that don't fix it ill just use hangouts in the meantime I guess.

                              • gamblin4free

                                I just recently installed digits, and now I have been missing messages sent from my computer. They don't show up on my phone, and I'm not quite sure if they actually go through.

                                Samsung Galaxy S8 user.

                                I hope I haven't been missing messages, but it wouldn't surprise me.


                                Basically my problem is this. I will use the digits app to text from my computer, and then there will be no record of any messages sent from my phone.