Digits migration from Google Voice


    I am in the process of migrating Google Voice Number to Digits.


    Here is my set up now.


    1) Phone # 612(Google Voice Number)

    2) Phone # 608(Tmobile Phone Number)

    3) Phone # 763(Tmobile Digits Virtual Number)


    I would like to do the following migration


    1) Phone # 612(Google Voice Number)------------->migrate to Tmobile Phone Number

    2) Phone # 608(Tmobile Phone Number)----------->migrate to Tmobile Digits Number

    3) Phone # 763(Tmobile Digits Virtual Number)----> replace by 2)


    Can you please let me know what would be the good procedure to perform the migration? 


    I don't want to disturb any promotion deals that I have on my account including free beta line deals.(I have already submitted a promotion request for 763 #).

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Digits migration from Google Voice

        Great question!


        First things first, in order to get your Google Voice number to T-Mobile, you will need to Contact Us and initiate a port in request.


        As for designating which line is which on your account, I don't think we are going to need to fiddle with this too much as all T-Mobile lines are DIGITS lines now and can be used on any DIGITS capable device or in the DIGITS app/website.


        So if you port your GV number over, your set up would look like this .

        1) Phone # 612(Google Voice Number)------------->Now a T-Mobile number capable of being used as a DIGITS number.

        2) Phone # 608(Tmobile Phone Number)----------->Still a T-Mobile number and is able to be used as a DIGITS number

        3) Phone # 763(Tmobile Digits Virtual Number)----> Still a Virtual number that can be used in the DIGITS application.


        Is there a specific reason you want to change around which numbers are Virtual Numbers and which are your primary T-Mobile numbers?

          • takahirata99

            Re: Digits migration from Google Voice

            Chris, do you understand the difference between virtual digit number and other digits number(non-virtual)?  What you have described would require me to have an additional line or virtual digits line if I need to port 612 # (I think) and I am trying to avoid it.



            What I want is to make 608 # as virtual digit number and port Google Voice # and replace existing 608 #with 612 #.


            I don't care about 762 virtual digits number.  I just want 608 virtual digits number.


            Maybe this will help:


            1) Phone # 612(Google Voice Number)------------->migrate to Non-Virtual Digits Number

            2) Phone # 608(Tmobile Non-Virtual Digits Number)----------->migrate to Tmobile Virtual Digits Number

            3) Phone # 763(Tmobile Virtual Digits Number)----> replace by 2) Phone # 608

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Digits migration from Google Voice

                Sorry for the confusion. I understand what a virtual number is, I think I was just confused on what specifically you were trying to accomplish but thank you for clearing that up.


                So step one is still going to be porting in your #612 GV number. Porting in that number will make it a standard (non-virtual) T-Mobile number that is capable of being used as a DIGITS number. After you have that number moved to us, please contact our customer care team and ask them to change the plan for the # 608 to a DIGITS Talk and Text line (this will make it a virtual number) and the #612 will essentially become your primary (non-virtual) T-Mobile number. Doing this will accomplish what you are trying to do "replacing existing 608 #with 612 #."


                I am still a bit confused when you say

                3) Phone # 763(Tmobile Virtual Digits Number)----> replace by 2) Phone # 608

                I assume that since you already requested this line as your free promotional line that it is currently active as a DIGITS Talk and Text line (AKA a virtual line) but you want this line to replace 2) the #608 number on your list which is currently (if I am not mistaken) your primary T-Mobile number but also said you want to replace the #608 number with the #612 number. Would you be able to elaborate a little more on which number you want to become your primary (non-virtual) T-Mobile DIGITS number?

            • debjitjdv

              Re: Digits migration from Google Voice

              tmo_chris is one of our finest patron takahirata99. He is one of the best BETA support specialist.


              I think your later post is much more clean and explain your intention.

              What you want is possible. But its tricky, I am telling you the easiest way as I have done before similar things:


              1. Port Google Voice 612# to 608# to make 612# your primary. It will knock down your 608# but it can be recovered upto 30 days of knocking down.

              2. Once 608# gets knocked down, request to replace 762# virtual number with the 612# within 1 or 2 days. Technically what you are wanting to do is for say you have bucket A and bucket B and you want to swap the content of the Bucket B. Lets consider you have a temporary bucket C.


              You can do in this way:


              C <-- A

              A <-- B

              B <-- C

              This would been ideal but in that case you will need to activate a line using 612#. Direct swaping A <-- C is not possible I believe, So please do in the way I mentioned. tmo_chris please comment.

              • digitalartifacts

                I my self have done this same proccess

                #1 Go to https://www.google.com/voice/unlock and pay the $3 fee to unlock each number

                #2 Make sure you know your voice mail PIN otherwise go to the website and reset it.

                #3 Contact T-Mobile and tell them you want to port in X number ( and replace X number if need be)

                Tell them its from Google Voice, If they ask for a accout number that will be the 10 digit phone number

                The account PIN is your voice mail pin number

                Then you should be able to port them over. My first port of a 484 number only took a few hours, my other 484 number took till the nextd day to apper in the digits app and work.


                So far i have moved all my number out of google into DIGITS and i love it!