Switching from a Voice/Data line to a DIGITS line.


    Does anyone know if it is possible to convert a normal voice/text/data line to a DIGITS only line?


    I'll break down my situation for further clarification since the question may seem redundant (I know all lines have more or less been changed to DIGITS lines). I recently added a new line to my plan in order to take advantage of the free S7 Promo T-Mobile was offering back in March. One of the requirements was that I had to port in a number to T-Mobile in order to qualify (thank you Google Voice for providing a cheap and easy way to get a number to port). So now I have an extra line that I really have no use for. I don't want to cancel it because I have a Free line promo on my account and from what I've read I'd lose it if I remove a line. So in the end it would be more expensive for me to cancel the extra line because I'd lose that promotion. I could easily keep the extra number but I'd like to know if it's possible to make that extra number a DIGITS only number? This way I wouldn't be removing the number and could keep my free line (even if I have to pay $10 for the DIGITS line it would still be worth it).





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      • debjitjdv



        I see your point. Ok let me take a stab at it. If your extra line is under same T-Mo ID or a different T-Mo ID, you can login to Multi-Line settings of S7 and can access it as DIGITS. You really do not need to convert that voice.data text line to DIGITS. If I remember correctly that promo was meant for voice line and the moment you convert that voice line to DIGITS only line like a DIGITS Talk and Text Line, you will loss that promo. So its either way will be lost as you are removing a voice line anyway. Does that make sense to you? If not please post your doubt and tag me,.

        • tmo_chris

          This is a great question! Typically the only requirement to maintain your promotional eligibility is to keep the line active. Since converting the line to a DIGITS Talk and Text line or Data with Paired DIGITS line is not really canceling the line, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to convert the line. I would say hold off on converting the line for now as DIGITS is fairly new and I want to get further clarification on this. I will follow up with you here as soon as I hear back from our support teams on this.