DIGITS number shows up twice, unable to send texts with DIGITS number on S7 Edge


    I'm probably going to call about this later, but I figured I'd ask here in case there's anything I can do on my side.


    My situation's a little bit confusing. I noticed that my DIGITS phone number wasn't listed in my multi-line settings in my Galaxy S7 Edge, and I saw an "Activate Line" feature, so I figured I needed to use that to add my DIGITS phone number to my phone. I did, and I activated it, but now the number shows up twice: one with a slider to (de)activate it, one perpetually waiting for approval that won't ever be cancelled no matter how many times I try to do so.

    Figured that probably wouldn't matter much, but I can't seem to send any texts from my Messages app from my DIGITS phone number. I can send texts just fine from my main number, and both numbers work fine in the DIGITS web app, but trying to send messages from my Messages app from my DIGITS phone number always results in a failure to send. Help?

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      • debjitjdv

        Log out and re-log into the native multi-line settings of S7 Edge. S7 Edge has Multi-line settings built into it and you do not need to use DIGITS app for it. If Multi-Line setting does not show up in Settings->Clouds and Accounts (Assuming you have Nougat update installed in S7 Edge). That "perpetual" line waiting for the approval will get vanish magically.


        I am confused. Are you using Google Android Message app? That app is not aware of DIGITS capability. But if you are using the stock Samsung Messaging app, then it should work. While you log out from Multi-line settings also uncheck the box to delete existing multi-line data from your device. You might want to clear the App cache of Multi-Line settings from Settings->Applications before you actually relogin. This should resolve your issue. Stale cache data is probably preventing you from sending texts. If the problem persists then please post here. I shall tag some group admin to collect more data from you to debug the issue.