Moving DIGITS enabled line across accounts


    I have two active Tmo accounts and I recently moved one a line from one account to the other.  Before moving it, it was setup with DIGITS on acct1.  When I moved the line, the billing aspect moved and it shows up under acct2 in the customer portal.    From a DIGITS app perspective, it still shows up on the app registered against acct1 and never shows up against acct2. 


    For me, this isn't a huge issue, but it was an interesting bug I stumbled across.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Moving DIGITS enabled line across accounts

        Not gonna lie, when I first read this I was a bit mindblown.gif but after reading it again, I think I know how to fix it haha. What you will want to do is follow these steps to ensure the line is set up as DIGITS you can use for that specific account. Let me know if you are still seeing this weirdness after you have set that line up as "DIGITS I can use" for the new account.

        • fm33

          Re: Moving DIGITS enabled line across accounts

          That worked, thanks so much.


          Just as a side note, one could view it as a security concern that as a line is moved over, it's still tied to the original account from a DIGITS perspective.   In this case, since I owned both accts it was a non-issue.