Digits sms/mms on Galaxy S8


    I am using the built-in function for Digits on my S8. How do I send and receive texts without using the Digits app?

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      • tmo_evan

        Re: Digits sms/mms on Galaxy S8

        1. Make sure you unlock the DIGITS functionality.  (via TMO app or via https://myDIGITS.t-mobile.com)

        2. Reboot device afterwards

        3. Turn on multi-line settings in the cloud and accounts setting

        4. Log in with your T-Mobile ID


        In your dialer and native messaging you'll be able to select from which line you want to send/receive from.   No need for the app.

          • apexdestroyer

            Re: Digits sms/mms on Galaxy S8

            Thank you!

            Ohhh, The native messenger! Well, that stinks because I had to stop using the native messenger. I switched to Textra because I am unable to send messages over 1MB using the stock messaging app. I liked the stock app but the 1MB limit is a deal breaker for me.

            I contacted Samsung and they said it was an issue with T-mobile, T-mobile said it was an issue with Samsung, then Samsung said 1MB was the max. But I guess this rant should be in a different discussion.