DIGITS with landline


    I see that DIGITS was just released, but haven't seen any information about using landlines with it. Is it possible for me to purchase a land line phone, connected through my router like a VOIP phone, and use my digits phone number? I know it's possible with google, but wasn't sure of the process with this new T-Mobile feature. Thanks!

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: DIGITS with landline

        Great question! We actually offer a very similar service called LineLink and our LineLink plans are totally compatible with DIGITS. If you already have a landline phone number and want to use it with DIGITS, you will need to port that number to us and have it activated as a virtual line on your account or as a LineLink line if you still want to be able to use it as a home landline phone.

          • airforcedude08

            Re: DIGITS with landline

            So if I purchase the line link device, add a DIGITS line for $10 a month, are there any other costs associated? I don't have a current land line, but would like a permanent home phone that would ring in addition to mine and my wife's cell phones if called.