This whole trade in is SCAM!!!!!! I traded in 2x 6plus, 1x 6 and 2 x 5S  but I HAVE only received two phones 5 credit. I'm paying 27.00 a month for each of the five phones 7.  I talked to  several representatives maybe about 10 and 1 supervisors in the past 8 months but no one can give me answers they keep scaling the research and nothing! I sent the phones by UPS with the label for 1x 5s and 3x 6s that was provided to us. I sent all 4 phones together back in October, 7 months later no credit for the trade in value of fours phones and I keep paying full price for the new phones we received. This is a scam in so many levels. First I have been calling since November and I was told they received the phones but it should take 2 to 3 cycles to see the credit which it didn't happen. After several calls, I got the 5 phones one time credits in the amount of $265 for iphone 6 and $58.00 for the iphone 5. In April I got  monthly credit $14.80 for one of the 5S. but wait,  where are the other 3 iphone 6 credit if they were all sent in the same box. I called today 6/2/17 again, and the answer was that they received only two iphone 5 and do not receive the other 3 x iphone 6. I shipped 1x 5 and 3x 6 with the ups label tmobile provided I have the return label copy and the package was received on 10/24/17 but I just saw the label today as told by other blogger, only print 1 lbs. How come t mobile will send a 1 lb label for returning 4 phones. This is how the scam working!!!!!! They said they only received one phone from this package. my another 1x 5 ohone shipped by usps label without problem.


    I had to explain again to the new representative what had happen and again the only thing she could do is escalate the search! she did however give me credit for the difference of the monthly payment I was paying for all phones and was told to wait. Well I have been waiting and I called today 6/28/2017 again and i was told that tmobile only received 2 x iphone5. the supervisor  said only two iphone 5 were received and that I was not going to get credit for the other three iphone 6 trade in. I'm not only paying full price for the new phones and also lost my 3 x iphone 6.


    At this point I just want to die. How come this scam will happen in such a big company and there have many tmobile customers like my situation. T-mobile should know what happened on their warehouse guys. They saw the label only 1 lbs then they took away the 3 iphone 6 to match the 1 lbs label. However I will not give up. I'm about to contact the news media and will post this in Social Media, I can't imagine how many people they are ripping off.


    This whole trade in is SCAM!!!!!!

    Tmobile is a scam company!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • tmo_marissa

        This is distressing to read -- it sounds like you're putting a ton of time and effort into determining what's happening with your promotional credits and getting conflicting answers in return. Since the Support Community is a public user forum, we're not able to research this issue on an individual basis. While we have been tracking these concerns and forwarding feedback to our internal teams, we want you to get the straight answer you deserve regarding the equipment you traded in -- and we'll need a team with account access to help.


        We want our trade-in process to be as straightforward as possible. Each RMA (return merchandise authorization) label is designed for use for the individual device described on the customer copy of the label, and the RMA code on the label allows the receiving team at the warehouse in PA to efficiently match it to the correct account. Using different labels and/or shipping multiple devices in the same box can complicate things, but we should be able to do some extra legwork to investigate the issue. Our representatives have a portal that they can use to filter for historical copies of your trade-in records, which include the IMEIs you were sending, and an escalation team would then be able to check the warehouse logs for receipt of those same IMEIs. It's important to note the address you shipped the equipment to, as there are different teams who'd research equipment shipped to our TX warehouse (which accepts Buyer's Remorse returns and warranty exchange equipment) and those who'd be able to review the logs for the PA warehouse (where Trade-In and JUMP! equipment is sent).


        I know we're limited in our ability to help here, but we do want to make sure you're able to get to the bottom of this. We've got a stellar social media team, T-Force, who you can reach out to through FB or Twitter -- just click the links on my badge below. In those channels, we'll be able to securely verify your account and get to work. It sounds like you've gone through an exhausting search for answers, but I sincerely hope you'll give this a shot. Thank you for taking the time to post here. We will continue to forward the feedback regarding issues with this promotion as we do with all concerns brought to the Support Community -- but we'd love to see this matter resolved for you!


        - Marissa

        • magenta1747159

          They scammed me on a Jump trade-in so you aren't alone. Even worse calling customer service gets you connected to India where they cannot comprehend enough English to even look into fixing the problem. After the 4th or 5th time explaining the situation to a minimal English speaker, I gave up. I'll be leaving T-Moble for Verizon in a couple of months.