How to Leave T-Mobile and Return Devices with No Balance Due


    We decided to jump over to T-Mobile about 5 months ago. Since then, we have experienced consistently poor call quality and 2-4 hour voicemail delivery delays on our new iPhone 7 phones. We've spoken to support at least 3 times and opened trouble tickets with no success. I've upgraded iOS several times, wiped phones, reset network settings, tried Wi-Fi calling and 4g calling and followed all instructions. Nothing works to get these issues resolved.


    So now we need to leave T-Mobile. We gave it an honest shot and it didn't work.


    Since these iPhone 7 phones are 5 months old, I currently have an equipment installment balance of $2,760.00 phones. I want to return these phones and port my number back to ATT. I was advised by Rica on phone customer service that I can initiate the port at AT&T and T-Mobile will cancel my service once they release the numbers to AT&T. Rica then explained that I will get a final bill and prepaid postage to return all the iPhone 7 phones we have. Once I return the phones in good working condition in the pre-paid boxes, I will owe nothing for the equipment installments to T-Mobile and I will only be responsible for my final service charges.


    Can anyone at T-Mobile support verify and support this return/cancellation policy by your phone operator, Rica? I need to see this in writing.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        First off magenta1665800, I'm really disappointed to hear you've been having a ton of trouble and this hasn't been fixed for you. This really isn't the best experience, and I wish things would have gone much differently. We do have info about Equipment Installment Plan (EIP)  however, it does mention that if the service is canceled before the EIP  balance is paid off, then it's due when you cancel. I really wish there was something we could do to change your mind about switching. Since these issues are happening on multiple phones, this could be something we'll need a trouble ticket filed for to get fixed. Has this already been done? If not, I suggest running this by our T-Force team through the FB or Twitter links on our Contact Us page. They're an amazing social media team that can take a look at your account, and see any tickets that have been filed for these issues. They have the tools to follow any escalation path needed to make sure your calling issue and voicemail issues are taken care of. If you still wanna switch from T-Mobile (which we REALLY hope you don't ) they can help you with that or at least provide guidance on how to continue with that process. It's shame you've had this much trouble and really painful hearing you're wanting to leave. These services issues are never what we want you to experience, but we appreciate you coming here to tell us your story.

          • magenta1665800

            So to clarify: if I port out to AT&T, I'll receive a final bill which includes $2,760 EIP balance plus service charges immediately due?


            If so, why did Rica (ID 2059175) tell me I would get a prepaid box to return the phones and the EIP balance would be settled? She is with the loyalty retention department and it's extremely unsettling that I would get such blatantly incorrect information from someone in such a sensitive department.


            I'll pursue support through the team you mentioned. I've had trouble tickets opened in the past and I never received call backs on them.

              • tmo_mike_c

                I think it's a bit strange, and I'm not 100% sure where the miscommunication might be. If you've had the phones for 5 months, that would mean you'd be outside the buyer's remorse time frame. Most of the time when you're sending phones back to us, you'll be processing an exchange or trading in for another phone purchase. I understand neither of those scenarios are the case so reaching out to our T-Force team to help get this sorted out is a really good option. Please come back and keep us posted on this. We just wanna make sure this is handled. Thanks!