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    Customer service and the solutions team can not address my issue and are in no way able to, or willing to work with me on the problem.     I have been a T-mobile customer for almost 10 years and so far I have been provided mis-information at multiple times just so I would take on new phones and now that it has come to the surface T Mobile is saying that dispute the inaccurate information they can't do anything for me since I am at the 4 month mark on one service and beyond the 14 day mark on the other service.      Before Filing a BBB complaint and a case in small claims court I wish to try and resolve this matter with T mobile first if i can.  



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        Oh my cannotbelieveit123 !


        You've been with us for a SUPER long time and I really don't like that we've left a longtime customer like yourself misinformed and without help. I wanna do everything I can to help. I can send the complaint for you, but more importantly, I'd like to get you the help you need. I sent you a private message you can get to by clicking here. Please reply to that with more details, and I'll do my very best to see this through with you. Just so I'm upfront, I don't have access to look at your account, but I can still give you guidance on how to handle anything you need help with. My apologies we've left a bad taste in your mouth, but thank you for coming here to tell us what's going on.

        • cannotbelieveit123

          Here is how it went down.   On about 16 Jan 2017 I did a jump on demand with my LG G4 phone to a S7 Edge.   I wanted to keep the phone so the guy said sure but you need to pay the buyout amount of 100 and some change.   Now I did this and had my S7 Edge while retaining my Jump on Demand option since, this was key since I knew it was gone and the only way to keep it was to keep jumping, or so I was told.   Fast forward now to 3 weeks ago, my wife decided she wanted to upgrade her S6 Edge (my kid is using the Motorola now) and the S6 edge is also Jump on demand.   I went into the store the guy said we have a BOGO on the S8s so we got the two because the guy has said, and he looked at the computer right in front of me, he told me since the S7 Edge was in the JoD (Jump on Demand) and I had it for a few months, that I could just turn it back in and save myself the extra payment on a phone I would no longer need.    The only drawback he could see is that I would lose JoD on that line, which I was ok with.   Now mind you the same day we trade in the S6 Edge and we did the jump.    Now I go in today since I came back from being on travel due to a funeral and I try to hand my S7 Edge phone in and the guy at the store looks and says it’s not in the JoD program.   He even said it shows it on one screed but when he went to another screen it was on some 24 month purchase plan, which meant that I in fact could not trade the phone in.    So here it is, one person when i got the phone said I would stay in the JoD program, and while that was honest, he messed up someone when he moved me over and I was removed from the program.....   Now this wouldn't have been obvious since I was told I was staying on the program until today, but so far that's the first mess up. Second now, is the guy who sold me the phones, he confirmed and told me I could trade my phone back in since he noted it was in the JoD program. Now all the while I am not even going to mention how they messed me up out of the VR rebate but giving me the wrong cut off dates. Anyway, so I call the help line and they escalate it to solutions and the lady said what she needed to do to fix the problem was send me another S7 edge and with the new phone I would be back in the JoD program.    Now this seemed crazy to need another phone just to be back into the program but ok I went with it, then she later told me she didn't have any more S7Edges, so I told her, look, I just need into the JoD so I can hand my phone back in anyway. That's she told me it was now my fault I didn't notice I loss the JoD option when I signed a 24 month payment plan and she also told me I was out of the window on both different phone purchases for a return or anything. Now I have been with T-Mobile 10 years and I am on the Army discount as I was active military, and all I wanted was to turn the phone back in, NO REFUNDS, NO nothing, just get it off my month charges and all she could say is she couldn't do anything and when i asked to speak to someone who could she told me NO ONE in T-Mobile can help me.    I was honest and said if this is the way you’re going to treat me I will need to leave and you can charge me anything you want and take me to court cause this is ridiculous and she said well if you want i will turn the phones off right now than. LIKE WOW!   I have over a 280 CREDIT on my account, I never own money on a bill, I pay ahead and always more than is due and she's going to say that. Anyway, that’s the story in the nut shell.    Hope you can help somehow, hate for all this to go and get legal.