Let us all urge CEO John Legere to make Digits free on first wearable with same number.


    Please voice your opinion and comment here to let me know what you think.

    Digits on the first wearable should be free if you're cloning your primary number. If you want a different new number, two numbers on one device or want to add a second wearable than it should be a $10 a month charge. A Wearable line by itself would be full charge as if it was a smartphones. Here are some consideration as to why;

    Parents Who have young kids and teenagers might want a way to be able to keep in touch with their kids but might not want them to have a full-fledged expensive Smartphone with them at all the times especially in class to distract them all day long. In case of an emergency they would have a way of contacting family members or 911. A wearable Would make perfect sense because it's strapped to your wrist and less likely to get lost or left somewhere where they wouldn't be able to hear it. T-Mobile would profit from this because now parents would be more likely to buy a smart phone and a wearable at the same time and would only let their kids have their smart phone when it won't get lost, stolen, damaged or be a distraction. Data is limited on the smart watch, T-Mobile states that data is throttled to 512 kbps for wearables. You cannot really do anything data intensive that would put a strain on the network. Plus the screen is so small who would want to be staring at it all day long. We already know the advantage it offers to us adults. For example if we was to walk the dog or take a jog in the park. Im wont get into this area too much. Something else to consider is every year across America thousands of children get abducted or go missing just think if they had on a wearable and could be tracked in case of an emergency. T-Mobile would not lose any money giving Digits on the first wearable for free and would probably profit from more sale. If the small amount of data that the wearable uses for Network connectivity is costing T-Mobile money then may I suggestion they stop the T-Mobile Tuesday giveaway put the money back into the network and give customer something really useful like Digits on the first wearable for free. That would be a true T-mobile uncarrier move I hope CEO John Legere and Chief Operating Officer Mike Sievert Take my suggestion into consideration. It would help to convince more customers to buy wearable Smartphone combos. Lets all make CEO John Legere know this is what we want.


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    T-Mobile and let them know what we want.   

    WHO'S WITH ME???


    Thank you, Rickey740


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