T Mobile Digits - First Day Experience


    Sharing my first day experience trying to get Digits working[One Number Multiple Devices] with my grandfathered Simple Choice plan.


    As someone who missed out on the Digits Beta, I waited with bated breath for May 31 which was yesterday. I was standing in front of my nearest store at 9:25 AM waiting for it to open. Surprisingly though it was in a big mall, there was no one else there for Digits for the first hour.


    I knew the initial process would have hiccups. I had tried to find more about this scenario by reading in these forums and other places. What I had found was that if I wanted both phones to be able to ring without WiFi, I needed to get a duplicate SIM. I had also read that the data speed on the duplicate SIM would be called at 512 kbps.


    It took me almost an hour to walk out of the store with a duplicate SIM Card. The rep kept on telling me that there was no need for a SIM Card and that it would work with WiFi. They had to call someone to understand why a duplicate SIM was needed. All in all, it was an OK experience. I was told that I would be charged $10 a month for the DIGITS and would be given a credit for the first month which was what I expected.


    In the evening, I tried to register the second device. That is when things really became interesting. I was able to use the Primary Phone just fine but trying to call out on the secondary phone [the one with duplicate SIM] would always call TMobile customer service. After trying for an hour going through all the steps of "registering" multiple times myself, I gave up. And decided to talk to the customer service.


    It took me over two hours before I got off the phone. In that time, I talked with four different people, only the last one of which proved helpful. The first three told me that I needed change my plan and move over to the latest TMobile One plans to make it work. I protested telling them that nothing I had read in the past few weeks indicated any such requirements and that it seemed to be kind of a bait and switch tactic on their part. Finally after much wrangling, I told them to just remove the DIGITS from my account and I was transferred to the fourth person who proved to be very helpful.


    Here is what I got from that person after spending more than an hour of talking and troubleshooting:


    1. What I wanted to do is called Data with paired digits.

    2. Data with paired digits is just not for Smart watches but also for cases like mine where one number should ring multiple phones.

    3. There is no way to be automatically notified when it would be ready.

    4. To pair two digits, you need to login to  your TMobile account and choose the numbers to pair together.

    5. Even after doing everything right, my scenario will not currently work. Data with paired digits is not actually ready. This despite the ads that indicate this is a ready feature.


    So in the end, after spending more than 3 hours with TMobile, I was unable to get DIGITS to work.