Android App suggestions


    I have a few things that i would like to make the app better for android

    - In notification replying to messages in Android N devices

    - Set Ringtone per line (really needed for tablets where there typically is no settings for device ringtone)

    - Sync calls and messages from SIM device

    - Ability to "black hole" all messages via the network on the SIM device so you dont get notification (simple as allowing the app to be set as the SMS app and have the app disregard or sync the messages)

    - Import messages from phone / Google Hangouts if possible

    - Ability to set notification tone for things like SMS / missed call / voice mail

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      • digitalartifacts

        Re: Android App suggestions

        Also support for ethernet, when i connect my android tablet to ethernet it still works but things its offline

        and stop the app from leaving my screen on all the time

        • aaronjellis

          Re: Android App suggestions

          I suggest/second that the Digits app have write access to SMS. So it can sync the messages from the Digits web portal to my mobile device. It's strange to only see the message I send on the web portal and not in my default SMS client on Android.

          • arcticzeroo

            Re: Android App suggestions

            I definitely agree with both digitalartifacts and aaronjellis!


            Right now, my default SMS app on my Pixel (Android Messages) works incredibly well, but is limited by DIGITS.

            If I send a message through DIGITS it should show up in Android Messages, especially since DIGITS can't even be set as a default SMS app.

            That's probably because DIGITS only uses data, which is equally frustrating. I think it would make more sense to try to send over data first, then attempt to send an SMS if data fails. I'm in areas without data sometimes, but would have had a cell signal, and it's very frustrating when I can't send (or receive) a text in DIGITS because my line is "not activated". DIGITS should "just work", but it doesn't.

            • magentaeye

              Re: Android App suggestions

              In notification replying to messages is definitely my top feature request!