Frequent send and receive failures with text messages


    For a number of years I've had recurring problems sending and receiving SMS texts. I'm 99.9% sure this is a T-Mobile network/service problem because I've had the problem with multiple Windows Phones (of different makes, models, and OS versions) and an iPhone 6s. My family also has had problems (with Windows Phones and multiple Android phones). Also, at times texts are sent or received out of order, delayed, etc.


    I've seen others complain about this too. Is there any recourse? Any solutions? Does T-Mobile care to fix this?

    Texts won't send.  Reoccurring problem.

    Manage messages: Apple iPhone 6s


    It's super frustrating to find out that other people sent me texts that I never received, or to never be sure that someone else got my texts.


    Is the only solution to an app like WhatsApp rather than SMS?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Oh boy magenta1663554  this sounds like such a pain. Sorry this is happening my friend. I'm guessing you're using the standard messaging app on the phone? Have you noticed it's happening with just a few numbers? I'm also curious if this is happening with a specific carrier. Because of how long it's been going on, we may need to have you collect some examples of times, dates, numbers and error messages (if any) and have out Tech Care team file a trouble ticket for you. Please let us know if this is still an issue. We really wanna make sure we can get your message squared away. Thanks!

          • stevew407

            Been having messages issues too........some delays .......but I am in

            Thailand too so don't expect and never have seen perfection





            • magenta1663554

              I've been having these problems pretty much since I started with T-Mobile in 2010. I've had problems with sending/receiving from other T-Mobile numbers as well as to/from Verizon numbers. I've only used the standard messaging apps with Windows Phones and iPhone. I can't recall if I've got errors sending with Windows phones. Sometimes I'll get "Not Delivered" errors on my iPhone 6S. Other times recipients just won't get my texts, or they'll get them out of order. And same for me. Sometimes I just don't get their texts or I get them out of order.



              The only solutions I've found are to text someome with an iPhone so that iMessage is used instead, or to use an internet messaging app like WhatsApp.

                • tmo_mike_c

                  Hmm, that's an interesting find. So, you never have issues when you use iMessage or WhatsApp? Can you double check your phones software and make sure it's up to date? If you're able to consistently message with a 3rd party app, and the issue only happens with the native app, a reset is a good step to try.

                    • magenta1663554

                      Yes, this is the native SMS apps only; iMessage & WhatsApp use internet protocols and not SMS... With both my multiple Windows phones (from 2010-2015) and my iPhone (2015-today) I've kept the OS software up to date. Given that this has happened on multiple phones, with multiple versions of OS software, I'm 99.9% sure the issue isn't in the phones or the OS version, but rather in the T-Mobile SMS system.



                      A phone reset isn't going to help solve a problem that isn't in the phone...


                      What's the process for escalating this up to system infrastructure engineers?

                • chrskrwck

                  I know this is a late response but I have been having the same issues.  T-Mobile support has had me do all the troubleshooting steps.  Reboot into Safe Mode, Reset to factory settings, remove apps, update network settings, even replaced the SIM card.  But the thing is, it happens randomly, which is definitely a network issue.  AND it was confirmed that it's a network issue this past weekend (8/11/18).  Apparently, they're updating their antenna's to the 600mhz. so there's sketchy service.  It will continue to be sketchy until the project is complete.  Whenever that may be.  In the mean time, I suggest you use Google Voice, Facebook Messenger, or any other type of service to send/receive messages.