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DIGITS - Suggestions, feedback, testimonials? Let's hear it!


    DIGITS is officially here but that doesn't mean we're done making it awesome! Whether this is your first time using DIGITS or you are a seasoned BETA veteran, we want to hear from you! Is there something specific you want to see with DIGITS? Is there something that you think could work better if we did it a different way? How are you using DIGITS right now and how is it helping you?


    Since we are the Un-carrier, you know that means we won't stop and we love listening to our customers! We've got our ears to the ground and want to hear from you. While we may not be able to take every suggestion and make it a reality (no DIGITS will not be able to call and order a PIZZA for you), we still want to hear what you have to say so we can have it on our radar.

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      • chase-smith

        Can a dark theme be added (at least for the mobile app)? It's honestly one of the largest factors preventing me from enjoying DIGITS more (in the <24 hours I've used it), as I dislike texting apps that don't have a dark theme of some kind. I don't like going blind when I use my phone at night.

          • artart

            chase-smith wrote:


            Can a dark theme be added (at least for the mobile app)? It's honestly one of the largest factors preventing me from enjoying DIGITS more (in the <24 hours I've used it), as I dislike texting apps that don't have a dark theme of some kind. I don't like going blind when I use my phone at night.

            Hi chase-smith

            I thank you for bringing up this subject.

            I don't think it is high on T-Mobiles list of priorities right now, because of all the more pressing issues the company faces with the DIGITS official launch. I absolutely believe T-Mo already has some sort of plans to make the DIGITS app more eye friendly. John Legere and his leadership team definitely know a thing or two about markets and demographics.  DIGITS is a huge advantage in the market place for T_Mobile.


            I qualify as a senior. I also have some friends who are a lot more senior than I am.  Senior citizens, along with sight and hearing impaired consumers of all ages combine to form a huge market which could benefit immensely by the DIGITS phenomena. If you add in the people who, because of physical limitations, and other handicaps cannot use a cellphone, the list of people who could benefit by using DIGITS is incredibly huge. There used to be over sized touch tone phones with large buttons that were a blessing to people with eyesight problems. Now we can have even bigger phones. They can be as large as tablets, laptops, or even 50 inch TVs. I am sure T-Mobile knows the potential  DIGITS has.


            If T-Mobile puts the pedal to the metal with DIGITS, the only place Jon Legere will see AT&T and Verizon, is in his rear view mirror.  Eventually your wish will be granted I am sure. I hope to join with you to encourage T-Mo to just try to prioritize the development of a dark screen so that we can enjoy it a little sooner. You Tube is also bringing back the dark screen even though it has been out of fashion for a few years now. If you haven't already tried You Tube's dark screen you might like to check it out.



            I am sure T-Mobile has plans to increase its service to this segment of consumers

            *From Census.Gov

            The "oldest old" -- those aged 85 and over -- are the most rapidly growing elderly age group. Between 1960 and 1994, their numbers rose 274 percent. In contrast, the elderly population in general rose 100 percent and the entire U.S. population grew only 45 percent. The oldest old numbered 3 million in 1994, making them 10 percent of the elderly and just over 1 percent of the total population. Thanks to the arrival of the survivors of the baby boom generation, it is expected the oldest old will number 19 million in 2050. That would make them 24 percent of elderly Americans and 5 percent of all Americans.

            We're living longer.

            • scrumptyous

              Yeah a dark theme for the web digits would work wonders for me at work as well.

              • simataas

                Yes!  I prefer dark themes on nearly all my apps!  Looks better, is easier on the eyes, and uses less battery!  Great suggestion.

              • magenta1641445


                New to DIGITS (not a Beta) with a mixture of feedback.

                First of all - awesome timing! It wasn't very long after using DIGITS that my iPhone happened to stop. I didn't miss a text or call because I was next to my notebook. (I don't blame DIGITS for the iPhone dying)

                Second - I can't seem to figure out how to setup the use case of having an anonymous number, like the announcement mentioned for Craigslist. I followed the documentation I could find and the options it mentioned weren't there. I installed the DIGITS app, the T-Mobile app, and also loaded them onto my PC and checked each of those. I also reached out to support through the T-Mobile site, but after about 10 minutes of the rep trying to help, he told me he needed to take a 30 minute break and would I hold. (No). What's the best way to get DIGITS support?

                Third - Now that I have my new iPhone set up, some of the iMessages don't seem to be on the PC app. They're only on the phone. I thought I read something about there being the chance of Apple messages being lost. Was that only during the beta phase or is that how it is for now?


                  • debjitjdv



                    Thanks for trying out BETA. And welcome to the world of new ways of communications called DIGITS. If I may, please see the answers to your question below:


                    1. Make sure your iPhone is updated to latest iOS 10.3.2 or atleast iOS 9.0+

                    2. Please install the latest version of the DIGITS app from App store which I believe is version 1.0.34

                    3. The basic DIGITS is free for all T-Mobile Simple Choice / One / One Plus subscribers which allows you to access your phone number across multiple devices connected to Internet like Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, iPad, iPod etc.

                    4. Now if you want to have anonymous number ( I am not sure what do you mean by an anonymous number) but I am assuming this is a burner number which you want to use in Craiglist ad and don't want to use your primary number, then you need to subscribe for DIGITS Talk and Text number (called Virtual Number during BETA phase) which is $10 per month unless you are on T-Mobile One Plus Plan (in which case yo may be eligible for an additional DIGITS Talk and Text Line for free if you have Mobile Internet Line allowance left in your account). This number i.e. the DIGITS Talk and Text Number when activated will show up in your DIGITS app which you can use in your Craiglist ad. In the DIGITS app you can switch off / switch on the number at your wish. This number will also be available across devices wherever you instrall DIGITS app.

                    5. If you are using DIGITS, you have to make sure you SWITCH OFF iMessage. iMessage is encrypted and DOES NOT ALLOW to sync across DEVICES USING DIGITS CLOUD. Unless Apple works with T-Mobile, which seems far-fetched at this moment, iMessage needs to be switched off for messages to sync across devices via DIGITS.


                    Please let me know if you have any questions.


                    tmo_chris please correct if I am wrong in any of my explanation.

                  • smirkis



                    Wasn't a beta tester, but I was hoping to be able to use digits for a different reason then the main ones listed. I want to use RCS for messaging. My phone doesn't use it, and nobody else really does either. I read online that digits uses RCS, is this true? I basically wanted to use digits, so i can log in and use the SMS/MMS features over wifi like it currently does if i log in to a different device. But, i want to do it on my MAIN device that has the simcard inside, but send messages thru digits over cell data/wifi vs sending out broken sms/mms messages that either never get sent, or hang forever, or get sent later when i'm no longer even talking to the person.


                    TLDR: suggestion: allow me to send/receive sms/mms within digits on the main device as well as other devices. this helps tremendously especially while traveling as group messages get sent as MMS typically, but when i'm traveling my phone never pulls the MMS/group messages while "roaming" even if i allow it.

                      • debjitjdv



                        Thanks for trying out BETA. And welcome to the world of new ways of communications called DIGITS. If I may, please see the answers to your question below:


                        • Yes DIGITS uses RCS.
                        • usually the device line cannot be switched off from DIGITS app and you should be able to use it from the DIGITS app as well in your primary device. Install the latest version of DIGITS from Play Store / App Store. Make sure your device is running Android 5.0+ or iOS 9.0+.
                        • Then try to send MMS/SMS from DIGITS app using the primary line number.


                        Please let us know how it goes,.

                      • artart

                        tmo_chris wrote:


                        DIGITS is officially here but that doesn't mean we're done making it awesome! Whether this is your first time using DIGITS or you are a seasoned BETA veteran, we want to hear from you! Is there something specific you want to see with DIGITS? Is there something that you think could work better if we did it a different way? How are you using DIGITS right now and how is it helping you?


                        Since we are the Un-carrier, you know that means we won't stop and we love listening to our customers! We've got our ears to the ground and want to hear from you. While we may not be able to take every suggestion and make it a reality (no DIGITS will not be able to call and order a PIZZA for you), we still want to hear what you have to say so we can have it on our radar.

                        Hi tmo_chris

                        Thanks for the invite to provide feedback.


                        My feedback is in three parts:

                        *The Good  *The Bad  *The Ugly


                        *The Good:

                            So far I have been able to get DIGITS to work on the two phones I wanted to try it on. My primary phone is a Galaxy S6 which I use as my every day driver. My secondary phone is an S7 which was (is) a Verizon branded phone. Since a verizon branded phone does not have the capability of using wi-fi calling on the T-Mobile network, I was not expecting DIGITS to work very well or at all. Of course I did have to install the DIGITS app on the S7, however I was pleasantly suprised that every thing seems to be working fine.



                        When either the S6 or S7 has an incoming call, I can answer the call on the other phone. I can also answer all calls made to either phone using my tablet or my laptop. I can also make calls from everyone of those devices to any of the other devices. I am impressed.


                        Next reply: "The Bad"



                        • artart

                          tmo_chris wrote:


                          DIGITS is officially here


                          Is there something that you think could work better if we did it a different way?


                          we love listening to our customers!


                          We've got our ears to the ground and want to hear from you.


                          we still want to hear what you have to say so we can have it on our radar.


                          Hi   tmo_chris

                          My feedback in three parts:

                          *The Good  *The Bad  *The Ugly


                          *The Bad:


                            T-Mobile has outstanding support documents, manuals and step by step tutorials for all of the devices they sell. I believe that those, documents in many cases are far superior to the instructions provided by the device manufactures themselves. Why is there a lack of basic instructions for implementing some of the DIGITS advantages?


                          You point out very well that this community provides valuable feedback which the company usually acts upon, sometimes immediately, sometimes eventually. Usually enough time is allowed to pass, waiting for an issue to be fully discussed so that  all members have  a chance to present supporting and alternative views before the T-Mo Team takes action to change something. That way the best possible action can be taken.


                          I hope that the team prioritizes addressing some issues for DIGITS like the lack of proper documentation. I thought Beta has ended since it has been stated that "DIGITS is officially here".  Those of us T-Mobile customers who didn't participate in Beta owe those adventurous, dedicated risk takers a hearty round of applause. From my point of view however it seems like beta is not over. Unfortunately some existing T-Mobile customers might be falling through the cracks as a result.


                          Next Reply: "The Ugly"



                            • debjitjdv



                              Thanks for using DIGITS. I am one of the BETA testers who walked down that adventurous path from day one back in December 2016 when DIGITS was first announced. No doubt it was a hell of a journey.


                              Well I agree the documentations are not complete but they are evolving. Please allow a few more days or weeks to get those stabilized. Most of the reps are not yet upto date except a few who fought with us from day one like tmo_marissa tmo_chris evanmf . Once people are up they will fix the documentation.


                              Yes it may seem the BETA is not over. But lets look from this point of view. This is a very brand new service in the US wireless sector. Magenta is taking a huge step to change things. Lets make it better together. Please post your comments to help us and we warmly welcome your comments. I myself got angry a few days ago when I found the phone rep was ignorant but as evanmf  and tmo_chris explained lets give these folks some more time to prep up. Those reps are learning and they did not work possibly during BETA as they are front desk reps. Please post here if you have any queries. We will try to resolve and suggest you.


                              Again warm magentalove for you and thanks for trying out DIGITS.

                            • hershy

                              What about using data from the hotspot bucket instead of slow data?? like it was in beta

                              • artart

                                tmo_chris wrote:


                                How are you using DIGITS right now and how is it helping you?


                                We've got our ears to the ground and want to hear from you.


                                we still want to hear what you have to say so we can have it on our radar.

                                Hi  tmo_chris

                                My feedback in three parts:

                                *The Good  *The Bad  *The Ugly


                                *The Ugly:


                                OK, it isn't really "ugly", I just really liked the 1966 Clint Eastwood movie. "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly".  Back then I could "squint like Clint" and not be affected by bright sunlight, and really, really bright smart phone screens. Actually we didn't really have smart phones back then, but if we did, I wouldn't have had any trouble looking at the DIGITS bright glaring screen.


                                Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Back in '66 I would have thought that the DIGITS app was beautiful. Today alas I have to call it ugly, only because I feel like I am staring into the sun.


                                One of the hopes I had, and still do have is that DIGITS could be a fantastic tool for helping seniors stay independent. An 8 or 10 inch tablet would make a fantastic smart phone for a person of any age, who has deteriorating eye sight. Fran loves using the 9.7 inch Galaxy Tab S2 to watch movies. She is also now set up to make and receive phone calls on it .. . .but the glare of the white page makes it almost impossible to find her contacts and place calls.  



                                chase-smith asked in the very first feedback reply above:


                                "Can a dark theme be added (at least for the mobile app)?"


                                He also said: "I don't like going blind when I use my phone at night."


                                Chase was able to "Report Abuse" (to his eyes).


                                I found his dark theme suggestion "Helpful


                                .I "Liked" everything he said,


                                and this is my "Reply" .



                                • 734-660-3757

                                  So far I have DIGITS partially set up on my phone.  I have a Samsung S8+ on T-Mobile and have installed the DIGITS app on my work iPhone 6s which is on Verizon.  I am currently waiting on a new SIM for the S8+ which I was told is needed to get that phone to natively support DIGITS without the app.


                                  Currently, the Verizon iPhone works perfectly for receiving or initiating calls on my DIGITS number.  Some of my recent text messages are visible on the Verizon phone, but I notice that text messages initiated on it do not show up on my T-Mobile phone.  This is annoying to have a partial conversation on one phone, but hopefully this will be corrected once I receive the new SIM.


                                  One suggestion is to sync notifications of new calls, conversations, etc. across all devices, similar to what Google does for Gmail.  If I read a new text on one device, it would be nice not to still have a new conversation flag on the other devices.


                                  It's a great service and hopefully T-Mobile improves it so that the DIGITS number becomes truly device agnostic!

                                    • debjitjdv

                                      Hello 734-660-3757


                                      Thanks fo trying DIGITS. I am wondering have you enabled DIGITS for your number from the T-Mobile App or from ?


                                      If not, then please do it ASAP. Thats the first step. Secondly, you really DO NOT NEED any new SIM to DIGITS work if your S8+ contains the primary SIM Card. You need to make sure you enable DIGITS from the weblink or the app. Then reboot your phone and Multi-line settings will pop up under Settings-> Cloud and Accounts. Unless you enable DIGITS for your number you wont have a proper message or call log sync across DIGITS app and S8+. Please do these and keep us posted. Happy to help you.

                                        • 734-660-3757

                                          Thanks for the information, as that worked.  I'm not sure why T-Mobile customer service thought a new SIM was needed.


                                          You should probably update your online help page to include this information, as it still refers to using the T-Mobile app to enable multi-line settings.





                                          Use DIGITS on T-mobile branded Samsung and LG phones

                                          DIGITS is built into the following T-Mobile branded devices:

                                          • Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+
                                          • Note 5
                                          • Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge
                                          • LG G5

                                          To use DIGITS on one of these devices, make sure that you have the latest version of the device software by tapping Settings > About device > Download updates manually. After you've updated to the latest device software, unlock DIGITS following the instructions below. Then, enable DIGITS by tapping Settings > Multi-line Settings and logging in with your T-Mobile ID and password.

                                          Unlock built-in DIGITS

                                          You must unlock the built-in DIGITS on Samsung and LG devices before using it the first time.

                                          1. Open the T-Mobile app. If you don't have it, download it now.
                                          2. Tap Menu > USAGE & PLANS.
                                          3. Tap View line details.
                                          4. Scroll down to the DIGITS tile.
                                          5. Tap Unlock.
                                          6. On the unlock page, tap the Unlock button.
                                            • debjitjdv



                                              I am so glad that it worked for you. Hi Five.


                                              Well I am not a T-Mobile rep and I do not have permission to update documents. I am one of those adventurous BETA testers who fought tooth and nail with some of the greatest admins here like tmo_chris evanmf and some of the T-Mobile backend Engineers to shape out DIGITS. I would like to help people as much as I can for a smooth transition. Feel free to post your other queries and feel free to tag me.

                                              • tmo_chris

                                                Thanks for pointing that out! I will say that the info you are referencing is how to unlock the phones native multi-line settings (which can be done in the app or online through and the suggestion that debjitjdv suggested was more geared toward enabling you to use a specific line in DIGITS. Both steps are required for first time users that have a device with built-in functionality but I do see where there is a slight disconnect. I will look into this more and see if we can get the documents cleared up a bit more.

                                          • daltemose

                                            So far the experience I've had with DIGITS has been mostly positive (been using it about 24 hours now). I have to say I like the fact that it is integrated into my S7 without the need for any additional apps. I like that my messages sync across all of my devices (with the exception of anything I receive through iMessage) and that I can answer calls on any device regardless of carrier. This is especially nice since I work in a building that gets zero service through T-Mobile (it's great pretty much everywhere else though).


                                            One comment I have to mention is with the native integration with the S7 and S8. It seems that with my S7 when I used the app I didn't need to enable WiFi calling to make/receive calls/texts but once I enabled DIGITS directly through my phone and it seemed I couldn't do anything with WiFi Calling. Not a huge issue but something I've noticed.

                                            • smirkis

                                              You guys should really consider making separate apps. A digits dialer and a digits sms/MMS app. I'd prefer separate apps as 1 for all is clunky. Or at least a standalone sms/MMS digits app. I just want RCS messaging for my main line and don't want to wait for the universal rollout worldwide which is taking forever.

                                              • scott_h

                                                Digits has worked pretty well for my wife and I. We had a little trouble getting her setup, but support was great and we learned together and got her phone setup. The only minor annoyance for me is getting text message alerts from the Digits app and Messages app. I realize there isn't much that can be done, but it is a small price to pay for the ability to have two numbers on one device. Oh, and beats the Google offering. One other small request, which is specific to iOS and VOiceOver users. VOiceOver, is the screen reading technology built into all iOS, Mac, Watch, etc.: Please be sure the app developers are aware that accessibility of the app for blind and low vision users is appreciated and will make the experience for all a great one.


                                                • magenta1684824

                                                  So maybe someone can help me. Is there a way around this to make it better. I am using one number for multiple devices. Primary device samsung galaxy s8+ secondary device iPad Pro. If i send a message in the digits app it will not show up on my default messaging app on my samsung phone. Then I am also getting double notifications one from the digits app and one from message app on my phone.

                                                  • philburnsurvivor92

                                                    Can you actually add another line??? I've upgraded to T-Mobile Plus. I've tried calling T-Mobile twice and chatting in the IOS Tmobile app on my phone. I've even put down a $25 deposit for adding a digits line and I still haven't got it. I thought it would be simple, Hey T-mo I want another number but I want it to use Digits, that was the promise. Sure no problem. Now just wait 24 hours, no wait 48 hours. Ok, well give us another 24. I love my T-Mobile service but this Digits thing is starting to feel like a Joke and like I lost my money.tmo_marissaDIGITStmobile-admin@

                                                    • 9857728026

                                                      On the Windows version I need the ability to have it ring on my speakers but have the audio from the conversation go to my headsets.

                                                        • zaegun

                                                          I would second this option. I use a headset, but without this option I either have to not hear it ring or everyone gets to hear the person talking to me. Ringing on speakers and listening on headset once you've picked up would be immensely helpful.


                                                          It would also be helpful if we could set the volume option for the ringer as well. Thank you for the consideration.

                                                        • mosi76

                                                          Please add some iOS functionality like quick reply, 3D Touch and iPad multitasking (slide over, split screen)

                                                          • kkleinatland

                                                            A needed feature would be for the syncing of read messages between devices. Currently when I read a message on my W10 Digits App, it does not show read on my Samsung S7 with built-in digits. Also, MMS do not seem to appear on Windows Digits app, but show up on phone.

                                                            • magenta1641445

                                                              Here's a suggestion - have DIGITS text and calls be encrypted end-to-end, like Apple's iMessage and some over-the-top apps.

                                                              • gobigmagenta

                                                                A few things that could be improved.....


                                                                - If I close Digits on my mac, I have to go through the entire login and activate line again. I should be able to remember this in the app - make my line the only one and primary.


                                                                - missed calls are not showing up in native Mac app  unless i close digits and login again


                                                                - on android, unless i use the digits app, I don't see SMS messages sent from PC - I understand there is no native integration with Android Messages, but there should be. Maybe out of your control, but i don't want to buy a T-mo phone. I am happy with various unlocked GSM phones (Moto Z currently)


                                                                - almost an iMessage killer, but not quite. I hope it gets there.


                                                                - Give me a native SMS app on Android that I love as much as Android Messages, and then you have your iMessage killer.

                                                                  • debjitjdv



                                                                    Thanks for your suggestion. The Mac app issue is something interesting.

                                                                    • Remembering the User Name and the Password is a feature that has been requested and possibly it will make its way in future releases
                                                                    • Missed calls are not showing in Mac app; this is in contrast with Windows app. Could you please post your Mac App version? Can you please make sure you are using the latest version of the Mac app downloaded from T-Mobile DIGITS - Downloads
                                                                    • The integration between  DIGITS and Android Messages needs Google to work with T-Mobile. T-Mobile does not have Android Message code possibly and DIGITS is proprietary to T-Mobile. Even all T-Mobile phone / Apple iPhone is not eligible for this. Only a handful of Samsung Devices and LG devices are capable of syncing messages now and more on its way. Unless Google comes forward, we have to stay happy with the DIGITS app
                                                                    • Again for last of your point, Google needs to work with T-Mobile. iMessage being  completely controlled by Apple the syncing is possible across different Apple devices like iPad, Mac and iPhone. But even DIGITS service is not available to native iMessage as of now until Apple works with Magenta.
                                                                      • gobigmagenta

                                                                        Thanks for the reply. Yes I am on latest - 1.5 .. shortly after posting, i exited the Digits app and reloaded and logged in and my missed calls were then synced.


                                                                        I do understand that that Google's messages app is their code. Hopefully the Digits dev team will look at the app and use some of the native android apps, and try to come up with something that feels integrated and not extra.


                                                                        I like being able to text and call from PC/Mac and use my same number - unlike google voice - if you don't start with google voice as primary number, you are maintaining 2 numbers.

                                                                        So good start... keep innovating.

                                                                        • mathieuh

                                                                          debjitjdv , that doesn't sound right.


                                                                          If/When T-Mobile implements RCS Universal Profile support, the experience in Android Messages should become instantly much better:

                                                                          - Messages sent on other devices would be synchronized

                                                                          - Message Read status and would also be synchronized


                                                                          Those are the 2 biggest pain point right now when mixing a regular (SMS/MMS) device and the Digits app:

                                                                          - Sending messages on Digits don't show up on Android. Only messages sent on devices show up on Digits app.

                                                                          - Reading an SMS message on a phone doesn't mark the message as read on Digits. And the Web Digits app is extremely buggy when it comes to opening conversations and marking them read. Android recently added a "Mark all conversations read" button but this is still clumsy, and the app tends to freeze when updating system notifications.


                                                                          In general the Android app is really providing a sub par experience, draining battery, and doing a poor job at notifications management.

                                                                          The web (and desktop app since that's just an Electron wrapper) lack features the mobile app has and is thus even worse.


                                                                          Now back to the Android integration, of course RCS is only part of the equation. T-Mobile might still need to work with Google to support multiple lines natively. My understanding of the Android APIs is that multiple SIM and multiple Phone Accounts are supported since Android 5.1 and 6.0 respectively. If those aren't enough to support multiple Digits natively, it shouldn't be a stretch to get Google to add whatever Carrier Services APIs are needed.

                                                                            • debjitjdv



                                                                              Pardon me I actually dont know to which post of mine in this thread you replied. So my take are the following:

                                                                              • Yes when RCS is enabled (it is already with Samsung Native Messaging app and DIGITS app) using Android Messages it will be much better experience, I would use the term seamless.
                                                                              • The battery draining of the Android App has improved a lot since BETA days. I dont see more than 1% in my Nexus 6 with Android 7.1.1. And they are working further to optimize it.
                                                                              • Now DIGITS is a very brand new concept in wireless industry (Google Voice is little different than DIGITS) and we are atleast got it going. Much work needed to be done, Even the in-built DIGITS experience in Samsung devices have issues which needs to be fixed.
                                                                              • Multiple SIM APIs may not work off the shelf unless DIGITS somehow emulates "a virtual SIM" for each DIGITS number and makes the Android message believe that multiple SIM exists. In that way T-Mobile possibly dont need to co-operate with Google at all. But if that emulation is possible or not I don't know. Its my hunch and certainly we can mark Chris to push this as an enhancement request to the team.
                                                                              • The above step is easier to do as Google might be reluctant to add new APIs just for one carrier.
                                                                              • Android app of DIGITS is gradually evolving. Give it some time. We started in December and within 6 months we got it launched a service, which previously no one thought about without having a second physical sim card. The service itself is doing good I believe. It will improve as I have seen the engineering team at work and I know how hard they work.


                                                                              tmo_chris mathieuh has given some nice suggestions. Can you kindly push them to the Engineering team?

                                                                        • magenta1733998

                                                                          Hi, So far my experience with DIGITS has been good.


                                                                          I have one bug to report though. On both the web app and the Windows app, when I import my Google contacts, I see that the contacts that have names that are not Latin characters (and I have a number of such contacts) come out as question marks: ????? ????


                                                                          Come on, it's 2017, Unicode should be supported out of the box!!



                                                                          • agmc

                                                                            Please have the developers create an option in the settings to PREVENT the phone/device from waking up when there are incoming text messages!  I understand phone calls, that's perfectly fine with me, but I absolutely detest when I get multiple text messages and every time, it wakes up all the devices that I have digits running!  This makes me not want to use the app at all.  I even disabled all notifications on my devices, with the hopes that it would prevent that, but no luck on preventing that from happening.


                                                                            I purposely went out of my way, on my Samsung devices (in the past), to find an app that prevented this.  I send/receive way too many text messages for my devices to consistently be woken up for every single text message received.

                                                                              • debjitjdv



                                                                                Have you tried in your device's Settings -> Notifications and Block all DIGITS notifications? That will obviously block all call notifications as well but since you are more of a Messaging person that might help. Just my 2 cents.

                                                                                  • agmc

                                                                                    Yes...that's where I mentioned "I even disabled all notifications on my devices, with the hopes that it would prevent that, but no luck on preventing that from happening."  That's exactly what I meant.  I blocked all notifications for Digits and it still wakes up my devices.

                                                                                      • agmc

                                                                                        Whatever Digits is using, it's the same protocol that Samsung devices (at least in the past) used and I absolutely hated it.  I had to find an app to prevent the device from waking up on text messages and Calendar reminders, for my Samsung devices.  Now, I might have to re-install that app on my devices, to see if it'll stop Digits from waking up on text messages.

                                                                                          • debjitjdv

                                                                                            Ahh I see your point. Yes, that's annoying. If you have 5 devices with DIGITS app that 5 notifications from 5 devices. Absolutely No -No. Let me tag Chris here who can pass this info to backend team. tmo_chris can yo please file an enhancement request regarding notifications with the DIGITS team in the scenario agmc   mentioned?

                                                                                              • agmc

                                                                                                Thanks so much.  And yes, it's annoying.  I have 3 different T-Mobile numbers, all linked, for different purposes.  It's extremely helpful for when I only want to use one phone (between my work, primary, and personal business cell #), but when I'm getting text messages from both my work cell and primary cell #, having all of those devices wake up for each message is just ridiculous.  I know there are people that prefer that, but I'd love it to be as simple as having a setting that could turn that off.  I don't even mind if there's just a notification, in the notification bar of a message coming in.


                                                                                                Speaking of the notification bar, the other thing that I absolutely couldn't stand (and another reason I disabled all Digits notifications) is the persistent notification in the notification bar, when Digits is active!  I'm sure it helps Digits stay connected, but I hate seeing persistent notifications in the notification bar, for an app that just says ("it's ready") without actually having a notification to check or clear out.

                                                                                      • pnewmont

                                                                                        Forgive me if this has already been asked, but how do you change the notification sounds in the app? I'm running on latest iOS -> iPhone 6s. I'm looking to change text and ringtone sounds.

                                                                                        • srickar

                                                                                          For browser DIGITs use, I have the following wish list.


                                                                                          • Ability to change ring tone file
                                                                                          • Incorporate call/spam blocking for unwanted calls to my virtual lines. I'm not talking about just activating Scam ID or Block, but sometimes the virtual line has received a call attempt while the browser was logged out but I know that it's spam. There doesnt seem to be a way to actively block a call attempt in progress other than ignore call.  A check box to also block the number would be ideal.
                                                                                          • Same for text messages received outside of browser use. Would like to block the sending SMS party and simultaneously redirect a copy to 7726.
                                                                                          • Ability to categorize and sort messages into folders.
                                                                                          • Ability to move and collapse main dialing widget window to other sections of the screen. (aka right side)
                                                                                          • Ability to bulk export or import contacts to a file
                                                                                          • Ability to right click on an unwanted contact and delete them from contact list. Many of the "contacts" are just email addresses.
                                                                                          • Instead of line color, ability to upload thumbnail photo to quickly identify line of choice.
                                                                                          • Ability to upload/sync photo thumbnails with contacts
                                                                                          • Ability to adjust the size of the dialer/messages widgets.
                                                                                          • Ability to separate dialer/message widgets.
                                                                                          • Increase emoticon choices. Many don't match Android/iPhone and end up with a blank square during conversations.
                                                                                          • Offer more dashboard controls over ring hunt priority. Perhaps I have 4 lines and want to prioritize the ring sequence. Multicall ring from 2 or more lines, or customize intelligent call routing. Perhaps offer TOD, DOW, routing customization? I could see this being important to small businesses who need to screen calls after 5pm, etc.
                                                                                          • Offer Digits on Google Chromecast, Samsung Smart TVs, etc
                                                                                          • pckletchka

                                                                                            I have my new DIGITS line set up on my phone, and the rep who helped me was fantastic. I'm a little confused, though, because she told me that I would be able to change my DIGITS number in my settings, and I don't see how to do that. I want to change the number because I'm moving to a different state and would like to have a local number in my new home while keeping my old/original number from my phone. The promise of being able to do that is what attracted me to DIGITS in the first place. Would someone please let me know how I can accomplish this? Thanks!

                                                                                              • debjitjdv

                                                                                                I don't think you can change the DIGITS number on your own from settings. I am not sure what that rep meant. But ideally you need to call T-Mobile (1-844-889-5651) and request a DIGITS number change (MSISDN change). I dont know how you can keep your old phone number and at the same time get a new local number unless you have two lines. From my understanding (I clearly dont understand your scenario as its not clearly written):


                                                                                                1. You keep your old number when you move to your new home
                                                                                                2. Get a DIGITS Talk and Text Number (monthly charge $10 per line) with the new area code


                                                                                                So basically your phone will now have two number, your old number from old home and the  new number at new home. And if you just want to change your old phone number to a new local number, you need to call T-Mobile (611) and it will cost you one time $15 fee. Let me know if that answers your question. Please tag me if you have more queries.

                                                                                              • magenta1641445

                                                                                                The dialer keypad could use some work - for the Windows app and also the webpage app on a Windows PC.

                                                                                                After entering one digit of an area code, the app attempts to show matching entries from the directory. However, these cover over the keypad. I notice that if I close my eyes and keep dialing, it seems to find the number.

                                                                                                • srickar

                                                                                                  Spam messages cannot be forwarded to 7726 spam shortcode. It tries to search address book for valid entry. So any spam received on a virtual line cannot be forwarded to 7726 SPAM feedback loop.


                                                                                                  • moiras_mom

                                                                                                    Several suggestions:

                                                                                                    1)Reiterating the request to sync message read status across platforms


                                                                                                    2)Enable voice APIs to allow virtual assistants to send text messages/calls via Digits. Simply "Send text message to Sam using Digits" or something like that. I use digits primarily for my work line and need to be able to respond quickly even while in the car.


                                                                                                    3) Expand the native multi-line support to other phone brands. My current phone has nougat 7.1 and native multi line support enabled yet I still have to use digits app


                                                                                                    4) Allow native dialer to use sip URI dialing over digits. Corporate provides sip URIs to employees for calls as well.


                                                                                                    5) Allow copy and past of phone numbers into digits on phone. Again, digits is my work line. If someone emails me a phone number I need to copy and paste it into digits to call from the correct line. Currently I have to write it down on a piece of paper and manually type it in since digits also loses partial numbers when I flip windows back to the email to get the next sequence of numbers. Long press to dial, even when digits is set as dialer app for the phone, launches the native line on the device only.


                                                                                                    6) Allow short code dialing using digits dialer  -  my local area has code like dial #1305 to report traffic problems.

                                                                                                    • alberic6

                                                                                                      Urgent feature request:  custom ringtones for Digits lines.


                                                                                                      This one's so basic I can't believe it made it out of beta without it.  (or even *into* beta without it.)

                                                                                                      I don't care what color or icon the thing displays if it's in my pocket, while I'm driving. 

                                                                                                      A different ringtone for the business line versus the personal line, that I care a lot about, and I don't want to have to look at the phone to figure it out.


                                                                                                      Bug fix/feature request:

                                                                                                      Some sort of a timer/hourglass/beachball to indicate when synching will be done.  When I first set up Digits, I set the voicemail message.  Blew it the first time, and wanted to record another one.  Couldn't.  It kept saying "Synching"....for 5 minutes.  With no progress bar, or any other way to tell when it was done synching, except to keep hitting 'record'.....which it promptly did, at about the 5 minute mark.  But since I'd been punching 'record' on-and-off for 5 minutes, I wasn't ready when it finally *did* kick in, so I blew it again......   And *another* 5 minute round of button pushing ensued.  Not happy about that, but the message is finally done.  Perhaps your UI guys should be forced to actually *use* the thing periodically, in areas without great signal.

                                                                                                        • artart

                                                                                                          Hi alberic6

                                                                                                          Welcome to the T-Mobile Customer Support Forum.

                                                                                                          You already are contributing so much to improve the DIGITS experience by offering your recommendations, supported by the details of your personal experience, that led you to your sage advice. I am sure your suggestions will be considered carefully by those who have the power to act upon them.


                                                                                                          I would like to add my support for the development of multi ring tone options. It will be a great asset for people who are visually impaired.


                                                                                                          Now that you are a member, please hang in with us from time to time. You are already benefiting the community and I hope  you will have the pleasure and satisfaction of seeing at least some of your suggestions being implemented.



                                                                                                        • smirkis



                                                                                                          Adding new comments and suggestions. My missed calls do not sync in the app. nor do any of my previous calls and call history.


                                                                                                          You guys should really consider creating an SMS/MMS/RCS app to replace the default one on my phone similar to how verizon created "Verizon Messages" that allows their users to log in, use it as a replacement SMS/MMS app, but it also syncs across the servers for other devices/web use. forcing me to use the digits app to take advantage of the syncing features sucks as the digits app sucks and lacks a million basic features many other basic apps offer.


                                                                                                          OR, create a "bridge app" that we can launch, log in to, and allow other apps to communicate with/thru it for RCS/server syncing. The digits app is really bad as an all in one app right now.

                                                                                                          • magenta1845889

                                                                                                            Hi, you should allow the Windows app to be minimized to the tray instead of to the taskbar.

                                                                                                            • bobora

                                                                                                              Digits Works great and is very useful!!! During the beta seems speeds were quick and was able to connect and still able to connect at 4g LTE digits devices... Now it seems will only get 3g speeds after the beta program is up. What is the use of bragging about your 4g LTE network if we get throttle down on our connected digits devices...If we can keep the 4g LTE speeds than this digits program will be great...Who wants to go backwards especially when it comes to data speeds?

                                                                                                              • louisdi

                                                                                                                I would like to suggest the following:


                                                                                                                1) Integration with Android Auto.  Unlike my native messaging app I can't listen to texts that come in on the Digits line while driving.


                                                                                                                2) Make Digits a Messaging App replacement (See Verizon Messages+).  I have the US Unlocked version of the S8 and the multi-line integration only appears to work with the TMO ROM.  So, I have to use the digits app.  This means that messages I send from my computer, on the main line, don't sync to the phone, unless I have the Digits App enabled for that line, in which case I get duplicate notifications.  If I turn off notifications for regular SMS App, well, see #1.


                                                                                                                These two items are making me consider taking my number back to Googe Voice so that things will work seamlessly through Hangouts.

                                                                                                                • tattoocouture

                                                                                                                  There seperate times now I have tried to port my existing t-mobile work # to a virtual digits line and nobody can seem to figure out how to do it. I currently have a simple choice plan with two lines, one is personal one is for work. Since one of the most touted benefits of digits is supposed to be that you don't have to carry a second phone for work anymore, I tried to get that second work number ported.

                                                                                                                  Three different times on the phone (one of which lasted well over an hour) it still isn't done. From what I read in the online forums and discussions it is supposed to be possible. So why hasn't anyone been shown how to do it?

                                                                                                                  • mjsztainbok

                                                                                                                    My one request would be to have the Android DIGITS app support the Direct Reply from notification functionality that was introduced in Nougat (Notifications | Android Developers  ). At the moment, it's very frustrating to have to open up the DIGITS app on my tablet every time I want to reply to a message instead of just being able to go to the notification tray, select Reply and type my message right there like most other SMS clients support. This functionality is also considered a best practice based on the Google Developer documentation for messaging apps (Notifications | Android Developers )


                                                                                                                      I was one of the first Beta testers for DIGITS.  My most awesome contribution to Beta was to allow DIGITS to use WiFi when making calls (as an alternative from using cell data).  Digits developer just could not get this to work, until I mentioned what I experienced, when I took my SIM card out of my Android phone.  Yeah, know DIGITS was using my WiFI to make calls.  That's why when you go to Settings you will see "remove SIMS card" check box.


                                                                                                                      Well I have another suggestion.  I would like to use my Android Chromebook to download DIGITS from Google Play Store.  Yes, I did download DIGITS onto my Chromebook (Some CB allow G. Play Store app).  The only error I get (so far) is "DIGITS won't run with Google Play Services, which are missing from you tablet". Now I check my Chromebook and Google Play Services is installed on my Chromebook (Acer Chromebook R 11). This error notice keeps repeating after I get Google Play Services button.  I can see the Welcome to DIGITS Terms in the background, but cannot accept the Terms because of this pop-up error message!


                                                                                                                      I would be more then happy to be a Beta tester for DIGITS on Chromebook (Chrome OS).


                                                                                                                      Kind Regards


                                                                                                                      • cricenog

                                                                                                                        Some kind of Google authentication or dual factor authentication to login - if someone gets into your account they can wreak havoc on almost everything you have, no matter how secure or even if other services use dual shouldn't be so easy to login and see/send/receive all text messages for that line.

                                                                                                                        • carchiav

                                                                                                                               One thing I have been wishing for, especially because I have a Chromebook, is a chrome extension/app. Using the web app, I must log in every time I close the tab or close out the window. It would be tremendously helpful if there were a chrome extension/app that kept you logged in like the windows app.

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                                                                                                                          • daltemose

                                                                                                                            I'd like the ability to choose to get either calls or texts through DIGITS. As of right now there is no way to have the app block or ignore calls/texts. I think that feature would be good for tablets since messaging on a tablet is more preferable for me as opposed to making calls.

                                                                                                                            • lighttreason

                                                                                                                              How did this leave beta without notification settings?



                                                                                                                              • b1fin

                                                                                                                                What is wrong with the Digits app. I have to close it almost every time I get a text to reply. It crashes/freezes more than it works. NOT impressed. I looking at going back to Line2. I wanted one simple bill and instead I got a headache.

                                                                                                                                • magenta2436849

                                                                                                                                  I have digits for my iPhone 7 updated to latest software on IOS. I have multiple lines on one device so two numbers one phone. My problem is when I receive or make a call from the digit app, the call is recorded on the native iPhone call log. I wanted to differentiate the calls coming or received from the digit app phone number to only be recorded on the digit app call log just like the message are separated. Is that something that can be currently done and if so what setting do I need to adjust to enable this for the iPhone. If not is this something you are currently working to?

                                                                                                                                    • debjitjdv

                                                                                                                                      Hi magenta2436849


                                                                                                                                      To explain this you need to understand how DIGITS work.


                                                                                                                                      DIGITS essentially have two different modes of working Minutes and Data Mode which I believe is activated in your case and the Data only mode (which is useful if you are using it from Tablet or roaming internationally). When you are in Minutes and Data mode, messages uses data and hence it remains within the envelope of the DIGITS app. But when you are making calls in the Minutes and Data mode. DIGITS app will use the native iPhone dialer to place the call over cellular minutes and hence the call will be recorded in the iPhone native call log.


                                                                                                                                      If you want the call log to keep separate, then to do that, only is to use the Data Only mode where DIGITS app will put the call over DATA and will keep the log only within the DIGITS app.


                                                                                                                                      Please let me know if you have answer to question. To attest my suggestion I shall tag tmo_chris who can chime in as well.

                                                                                                                                    • alexkorshak

                                                                                                                                      I have a free DIGITS T&T line included in TMO One Plus and want to use this for my house phone. I'm not certain how to make this happen and the folks in Customer Care that I spoke to weren't either...


                                                                                                                                      Home Line - Ooma VOIP service hooked up to cordless phones and speakerphones in the house. I'd like to use DIGITS to allow me to keep that home phone number and have it ring through to the house phones as normal, but also ring through to my cell phone.


                                                                                                                                      I've heard mention of something called a Line Link and also mention that I'd have to have the VOIP number ported into TMO.


                                                                                                                                      What I'm not clear on is:


                                                                                                                                      - Can I port the VOIP number into the free DIGITS Talk and Text Line (obviously won't need data)?

                                                                                                                                      - What is Line Link and do I need it? Do I have to buy it?

                                                                                                                                      - Do I need a Sim Card?

                                                                                                                                      - What else am I missing?

                                                                                                                                      - Is there a quick ref guide for this use case?

                                                                                                                                        • debjitjdv

                                                                                                                                          Hi alexkorshak


                                                                                                                                          Greetings. This is Debjit and I am one of the Pillar of this Community. Let me try to take a stab on your questions.


                                                                                                                                          Long story short, YES, what you want is absolutely possible. I am not surprised that Customer Care got confused because the procedure is a little bit involved for them to assimilate.


                                                                                                                                          Now the long story in detailed:


                                                                                                                                          1. Get the account number and the PIN number from your OOMA VOIP service provider. If its a prepaid system, then you will loss any balance with OOMA you may have left once you port out and if its a post paid system, you need to settle the bills with them even if you port out.
                                                                                                                                          2. Get a LineLink connection (device is $29.99 + tax) activated in your account. Usually its $20 per month but since you already have voice line with T-Mo, you will receive a $10 bill credit every month which will bring down your effective cost for LineLink $10 per month + taxes. When you activate the LineLink you will get a temporary number. You can still attach your cordless phone and speaker phone to LineLink device. The LineLink device will come with a SIM card in its box.
                                                                                                                                          3. Once LineLink is activated, up and working and you have the Account Number and PIN number from Ooma, call 1-877-789-3106 which is T-Mobile's Port in Care number and submit a port in request to replace the temporary number with your Ooma number. It may take upto 24 hours to complete the port in.
                                                                                                                                          4. Once the port is complete (you should get an email and you will loss Ooma connection as well), call customer care at 1-844-889-5651 to free upgrade your LineLink to DIGITS compatible LineLink. That should be an instantaneous procedure. Once that is done VOILA.. You are ready.
                                                                                                                                          5. Go to DIGITS portal at  and add the newly ported in number of your LineLink to your T-Mo ID under the tab DIGITS I Can use.
                                                                                                                                          6. Install DIGITS app from Play Store or App store based on your device and login to the DIGITS app using your T-MO ID. Once you login you will see that the LineLink number is enlisted in the DIGITS app.
                                                                                                                                          7. Activate the line in the DIGITS app by sliding the slider. Once its activated, VOILAAAAAA. You are all set finally.


                                                                                                                                          Now say if some one call you on your LineLink number, like say me (I am your friend is not it?) then you can answer my call either in your mobile device or in your cordless phone / speaker phone and can say me a Hello and I will say Hello Alex. #MagentaLove..


                                                                                                                                          Its involved procedure. but now after you have these 7 steps are not they easy? What do you say? Please let me know if you have any questions further and feel free to tag me so that I get a notification.


                                                                                                                                          I have tagged tmo_chris to chime in if he has any other input apart from the procedure I just suggested. Eager to listen from you alexkorshak .

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                                                                                                                                          • debjitjdv



                                                                                                                                            The DIGITS T&T line which you got a as a promotion of T-Mo One plus, that once cannot be used for LineLink since thats a Virtual number and LineLink needs a SIM card. The T&T number cannot be paired with LineLink to work with home phones. But you can still bring in your Ooma number to replace the free DIGITS T&T Line number by calling the port in care number I provided in the other post. You can share that number with anyone else in your family via DIGITS app and your T-Mo login.

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                                                                                                                                          • branman

                                                                                                                                            Please allow DIGITS app to listen to voicemails via Bluetooth.

                                                                                                                                            • daltemose

                                                                                                                                              I would like to see an option to choose which services (calls, texts) you want to have enabled for each line/device. Either that or have a way to at least silence these notifcations. For example if I own a tablets with DIGITS installed I may only want to receieve messages rather than answer any calls. Or maybe I just want to disable texting and keep calls enable for emergency purposes. So far I love DIGITS but I would like to have some extra control over what the app allows when I have it on another device.


                                                                                                                                              I'm sure you can probably set this up through changing certain settings on my devices but I think it would be better if it was built in through the app.

                                                                                                                                              • magenta2689287

                                                                                                                                                API access so that we can make lightweight versions for command lines, please

                                                                                                                                                • ohyouknow

                                                                                                                                                  Please add a "Mark as un-read" feature for SMS on the APP and web Portal. Sometimes I'll read a customer service text cause it looks important but I'm going to pass out and would rather reply not at 2am anyways so marking it as Un Read would be super great so I don't forget it the next day.



                                                                                                                                                  • robmendez

                                                                                                                                                    I've used Digits during the Beta as well as now.


                                                                                                                                                    1. The Android app needs to allow setting a separate tone for text notifications (currently only for incoming calls).
                                                                                                                                                    2. Outgoing calls don't always work (either rings with no answer, or rings a couple of times and then disconnects).
                                                                                                                                                    3. Better call management features (call/text block, call forwarding rules based on day/time, etc.).


                                                                                                                                                    Basically, if you could make Digits everything Google Voice has, plus eFax, it would be da bomb!

                                                                                                                                                    • therealak4mc

                                                                                                                                                      My suggestions -- which, any that have already appeared, count these as +1s.


                                                                                                                                                      The app needs to be more stable, and less buggy. I'm aware that it's being worked on constantly, but it still gets lousy reviews in both app stores. Something in the process isn't working. Fix that and the app should stabilize.


                                                                                                                                                      Any texting protocol needs a backup option, for those of us who don't have photographic memories. DIGITS doesn't, and I have no use for it until it does.


                                                                                                                                                      Voicemail transcription fails in DIGITS (also can't playback VM in DIGITS) and Visual Voicemail. I've gone back to using Google Voice until DIGITS is usable.