BF Promo Not Applied after months and multiple phone calls and escalation


    I traded in my S5 for a S6 during a black friday (2016) promotion where TMobile is supposed to cover the cost of the new phone. I have yet to receive a proper credit. I have called almost every month since then. I escalated it a couple months ago and there is still no resolution. It looks like based on other posts people are having the exact same problem as me (T-mobile promotion credits not being applied to my account). What is the deal? I'm so tired of calling and having to re-explain everything to someone new. The only next course of action I can think of is just paying off the phone, cancelling and opening a small claims case. This almost looks like a class action suit based on the number of posts. Kind of like the one against verizon in the past for overbilling. I used to recommend you guys to friends all the time until this happened.

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