Can I port a number to Digits, now that it's live.


    Hello, now that digits has been relased to the public do we have the ability to have numbers ported in? I know there was talk about this back when Digita was early into its beta program, I just want to know if this has changed. I have asked four reps of the phone this far and have gotten four different answers.

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      • tmo_evan

        Absolutely.  Just call in and port away :-)   And welcome to the future of DIGITS!

        • tmo_chris

          Just checking in here to see if you were able to get that number ported to us? Please let us know.

          • moiras_mom

            Were you ever able to get this ported? I have been trying for a week now to get the number I was using during the beta converted over to digits-only only to be told I had to keep the number active as a line?????

            • jake1136

              I'm also trying to port in a number from grasshopper to replace a digits virtual number. I was just told by the number porting department that you can't port in a number to use as a digits number, you would have to add a real voice line to port in a number because they can't assign a port to a virtual (digits) SIM. They told me if I proceeded with it that I would lose my regular cell phone number which I was frightened by so I canceled the port. I wish someone at T-Mobile could give a clear answer on how to replace a digits number with a ported in number.

                • debjitjdv



                  Absolutely you can port your number to DIGITS Talk and Text Line. It has been confirmed by our DIGITS guru evanmf. I would say that the rep is not upto the speed. Did you call 1-877-789-3106 to port in? If nothing works can you please send a direct message to Twitter support of T-Mobile? Those folks are awesome and technically very sound. I am also tagging tmo_chris who can help you further as well.

                    • jake1136

                      Hi Debjitjdv,


                      I did call that exact 877 number but neither the first rep nor the "advanced number porting team" knew any way to port a number to digits without adding a regular line of service.


                      I don't use twitter but can make one if you think that's the only way I can get in touch with the right knowledgeable folks?

                      • lcotto

                        At this point I have also called the number listed here. No one really seems to know what's going on anymore with porting it seems. The number listed here takes you to what seems to be a the place for porting but when they transfer you to the "advanced area" because they are unsure what the deal with porting to digits is, you end up talking to a person half way across the world who is totally unaware of digits, but versed in just number porting. I just got off the phone now with them, an attempt to see what the progress with my 11 day port is. But that was basically a lost cause, I then attempted to ask if this was going to come in as a second line that I would be billed for, since I was assured it was going to be moved in as a digits number and there was no cost. I think I blew the reps mind with my questions and I ended up getting very generic answers that basically lead to "we just port number, billing is a different department". So I am now posting this here to see what you all have to say, I am going to give it one last call, but I am basically going to cut my loses and stop this whole porting debacle.  

                          • kccasey

                            Porting is possible for Digits, I think some reps that are not educated enough about Digits, are still thinking about the info they were provided when Beta was launched.


                            Call back the porting dept and Give them your Digits number from the beginning of the call, and tell them you have a port request.  Don't tell the person you're speaking to that it's a digits number, service, etc.  Just go through the motions of the call as if it's just a regular phone number.  If they're able to submit the port request, Great! 


                            Otherwise, If they end up asking you additional info about the type of number you have with Tmobile, then let them know it's a Digits and NOT to transfer you.  Inform them to submit the request like they would a normal Porting request.  If they give you an issue, ask them what the specific issue.  Is it a system limitation, condition or issue that the rep is experiencing on their end that it not allowing them to complete the Port request, or are they following what they've been instructed not to do?


                            If that rep is not able to complete the request for whatever reason, then ask for a supervisor.  At minimum, in case it's a matter of a communication issue, example, the rep not caught up on emails/internal memo's regarding the service and changes or proper procedure, a Supervisor is the one person will more than likely be aware of any and all changes regarding T-Mobile products and services and changes regarding new services and procedures, etc.

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                      • moiras_mom

                        I've been hitting the same issue as well. "You have to have a billed number to have it in digits?!?!?" I've tried several phone calls, support chats, etc. I mention it totally goes against what is being advertised/promoted and I just get the same thing with an apology and let me be your #magentawizard and make #magentamagic.... sigh. Very very very frustrating. So far no #magentamagic. Why do you have to have to pay for data on a line you won't use? totally makes no sense to me.

                        • jake1136

                          Good news! I chatted with T-Mobile support via Facebook and they were able to submit my port in request for the digits line. So I guess it can be done, just needed to find the right level agent. Mad thanks to T-Force special agent Zach Ricketts for getting this resolved so quickly tonight! @ moiras_mom I'd recommend you try sending a facebook msg or tweet too. Just let them know you "want to port in a number to replace the (temporary) digits virtual number you added to your line."

                          • lcotto

                            Re: Can I port a number to Digits, now that it's live.

                            So I at got off the phone with somenpeople from t-mobile support. I was transferred arround a few times, but the last thing I heard is that my number is supposing in line to be on my account on the 15th or 16th. Also according to the rep there will be no fees or increase to my bill at all. So let's see whT happens, if by the 16th this is not done, I'm calling it quits.

                            • cricenog

                              I just ported my Google Voice # to digits without any issues. I set up a Virtual line on my account, then I went into the store and asked them to port my Google Voice # to that Virtual #. Number was working a few hours later in digits.


                                One thing that I learned the hard way is that if you are a Beta participant, you need to register for the "free DIGITS line for life" first before porting in your number.


                                During the registration process, the screen states "If you are bringing a number over from another carrier to T-Mobile (known as porting), please wait until that process is complete prior to submitting for your offer."


                                So I called Customer Care and a representative told me that promos are tied to line numbers and if I ported in the number later, I would lose the promo. This seemed to support what was stated on the registration screen. However, after the number was ported to the DIGITS Beta Virtual Line, I could no longer register for the offer. A message comes up saying the number is no longer active at T-Mobile. This message comes up whether I use the original Beta number or the ported number.


                                I called Customer Care regarding this issue and they are attempting to obtain permission from the "business unit" to restore the original number to the virtual line so that I can register for the offer, then replace that number with the ported number after the registration is complete.


                                I'm still waiting to hear if they can do that.

                                • moiras_mom

                                  I think I finally got it straightened out. I will see on my next bill cycle. I wound up going into a store and the phrasing he used when he called customer care is "cancel line xxx-xxx-xxxx and make it a digits only line" time will tell.