Issue with Receiving Call on ATT SIM


    I signed up last night.  Got an issue getting SMS text....Tried multiple times.....finally reverted to using Data only option.  WHich worked pretty well for both Call outboud and inbound and text.

    But thinking Cell & Data option will give better quality I kept trying and finally got it Confirmed.  But then I have the following issues:


    1.  No calls are being forwarded or text.   The ATT phone just doesn't ring at all.

    2.  When the Tmobile line sim card is not into another to the my tmobile phone number go straight to voice mail.  This was not the case with Data only option. I was getting calls.

    I had to put the tmobile sim back into a spare phone.  but as said in the first point:  the phone rings but the ATT phone does not.


    This is a bug.  I think. Should I Call supoort line for this?  Let me know otherwise and I revert just to using Data only option.  Hopefull the quality stays good.


    The all reason I"m using this option is Tmobile Coverage is not good in the office and thought wihh digits I can use ATT SIM

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