So here is my DIGITS BETA support story:


    I started the DIGITS BETA from the very first day and possibly provided all sorts of feedbacks to the teams to resolve many complex and interesting bugs. I had both DUPLICATE and VIRTUAL line.


    On 29th April, I was trying to add a LineLink to my account over the phone. And the rep over the phone told me that I need to cancel the VIRTUAL Line so that she can add the LineLink. She canceled the VIRTUAL line but still failed to add LineLink. Later I added the LineLink in the store. I know I have Mobile Internet line available yet that stupid rep canceled the VIRTUAL line.


    And now, even providing so much of support and help, I cannot claim my BETA promotion offer for the VIRTUAL line since the line got canceled on 29th April 2017. So my complete effort is now going down the drain.


    I just hope, these stupid ignorant reps get demoted or put on to the desk after being well trained. At least if they have confusion they should discuss with supervisors before doing something destructive as we the customers don't have the backend system visibility at our disposal. First time in my business with TMobile in 3 years, I am SUPER UNHAPPY and I wanted to be heard by admins.


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