DIGITS location error in Mac OS


    I am having the same location problem with DIGITS on a Mac as people have complained about with Windows 10. The beta versions all worked fine.

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      • magenta1428931

        Re: DIGITS location error in Mac OS

        One more to add to the list. Just trying the desktop app for the first time, and can't see how to enable location for it. Keeps telling me to allow in the browser, which I've done, but doesn't recognize it.

          • cmg0

            Re: DIGITS location error in Mac OS

            I've been using the beta desktop app with no such issues until about 30 minutes ago, when I made the mistake up allowing it to update. I can't find any control to enable location access; I've checked both the application's settings and location services in System Preferences (DIGITS doesn't appear in the list of apps that wants location access).