Enhancement Request: Attach photos from Google Photos in Web Client


    I am primarily looking at DIGITS as a replacement for Google Voice. 


    One thing that Google Voice lets me do in their web client is attach photos directly from Google Photos (which also includes all my recent phone photos since they are backed up).  It provides a much more seamless experience as I can basically do anything on their web client that I can do directly on my phone. 


    I think this would be a great enhancement to the DIGITS web client, particularly considering that the connection to my Google account is already there for syncing of contacts.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Hi there rtmaxwell !


        I'm stoked that you're using our DIGITS service and you've come to our support site with this suggestion. This would be an awesome addition to DIGITS. I can't say if it'll be something that can/will be added, but it's an interesting thought. We can pass along your idea along to our internal DIGITS team.


        Just a side thought I had. Do you have images tied to the contacts in your device's memory? I checked on the web interface on my DIGITS account and I do see the images of my contacts show up. But again, these were contacts stored to my phones memory not Google. Please let me know. Thanks!

          • rtmaxwell



            Thanks for the reply. 


            I think perhaps I wasn't clear enough... I'm looking for the ability to attach a photo to an MMS message.  Right now, the DIGITS web app provides the ability to upload a photo from the computer that the web app is running on... but it does not provide the ability to upload a photo from my phone or cloud services.  Since the DIGITS web-app is already connected to my Google account and syncing contacts, it could also hook up to Google Photos and let me attach any recent photos from my phone or photos from my albums to messages.


            In Google Voice, for example, I can upload an image from my computer or I can seamlessly attach a photo from Google Photos.  Because I have all photos from my Android phone backing up to Google Photos (a pretty common configuration), I can very easily attach any photo from my phone when I'm using the Google Voice web-app.  In other words, the Google Voice web-app provides an experience that is almost identical to the app on the phone - where as the DIGITS web-app is a more disconnected experience.