Make Digits primary dialer in iPhone or possible duplicate SIM




    Here is my scenario, I am using an iPhone 5s in my car for Apple CarPlay, as I was not a fan of Android Auto, plus Android Auto pretty much disables the phone when being used. 


    I installed digits on the iPhone so that I could make and receive calls / texts in the car while using CarPlay, as you cannot use CarPlay and another device over Bluetooth for voice services.


    I see two options here.


    1) figure out how to make all outbound calls go out through the Digits app

    2) setup the SIM card on the iPhone to replicate the one on my LG V20.So that the original iPhone dialer and text work.


    Any suggestions would be appreciated.





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      • tmo_mike_c

        If I'm understanding your question correctly greggsg , this might not be possible. Are you trying to set it up so your CarPlay functionality works with the DIGITS app you installed on the phone? If so, does the DIGITS app appear on your cars display like other applications or do you only see pre-installed apps like the standard dialer and text app? Please let me know so we can try to give you more guidance. Thanks!

          • greggsg



            My main phone is an LGv20.  Adnroid Airplay has been buggy with the volume control and it locks functionality on the phone, unlike the iPhone and CarPlay, where you can still do somethings on the phone.  My Son upgraded from a 5s to a SE, so I activated the 5s and installed digits.  My thought was that the I could have the iPhone send and receive calls in the car with the same number on my V20.  While the inbound calling works, as this is more like call forwarding than app driven, nothing else does.  And if i tell the carplay to ignore the call with a message response, the text response comes from the iPhone's number, not the V20.





          • debjitjdv



            I think the seconds options you are thinking is pretty straight forward. Subscribe to a DUPLICATE SIM Card (aka DIGITS with Paired DATA) which is linked to / duplicate of your LG V20 number and then put the SIM card in iPhone. So the benefits are:

            1. You still get data on iPhone
            2. You still get the same number as Lg V20 in iPhone so all your calls and texts to V20 will come to iPhone 5S as well.


            I guess the DUPLICATE SIM card line will cost you possibly $10 per month depending on your plan. Is that something you wanted?

            The first option you said will be the best but not sure if that is possible. iOS is a very closed environment and I believe until Apple allows to setup a third party dialer as the main dialer, you can only dial all the numbers from within DIGITS app. And if CarPlay does not show that app, then its a mess.