Digits android app keeps the screen from turning off


    I've seen several posts about this from a few months ago but no resolution.

    I have a Pixel and Galaxy S8+. On both phones, after I receive a text message notification in the digits app, the phone's screen will not turn off on its own. The app will keep the phone's screen on until I open the app and mark the text as read.

    This happens at random times on both phones running the digits app.

    I specifically noticed this is happening when I have the digits app running on the phone + have the web app open. A text would arrive and I will read it on the website. The phone will mark the message as read (i.e remove the notification from the lock screen) but the screen will stay and will not turn off.


    1) Why does the app need to wake up the screen every time I receive a message? Most other messaging app do not wake the screen. Please give us an option to toggle this option on or off.

    2) What can be done about this bug, that if the app does wake up the screen upon a received text notification, it will respect the phone's sleep timeout and let the screen turn itself off.


    This is a pretty major bug as it seriously drain the phone's battery and I noticed this was reported 3 months ago or so.


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          1. You do not need to use DIGITS app in S8+. Instead use in-built Multi-line settings which is more optimized for Samsung phones
          2. The issue that you raised of screen staying awake I believe is because of Android 7.1.2. Because I have 7.1.1 in my Nexus 6 and I do not see this issue. The screen wakes up when message arrives as it should but within couple of seconds it gets to sleep again.
          3. Can you do a few tests?
            • Log out of DIGITS app in Pixel. If possible clear all data by not checking the box
            • Go to Settings -> Application and wipe clean the DIGITS app cache and app data
            • Uninstall DIGITS app
            • Reboot your phone
            • Install DIGITS app from Play Store
            • Re-login.
          4. In this way any stale configuration or file from DIGITS previous versions would be cleaned off. Those sometime causes this issues. If still your screen issue persists, please post here and we can get hold of an admin to get some more details for the backend engineers to look at it,