How do I set up DIGITS on my smartwatch (ZTE Quartz)?


    There doesn't seem to be any documentation for setting up on a watch.  I checked the Play Store and a mobile version of the DIGITS app is not available.


    I would like my watch to be linked to my normal cell phone line.

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      • tmo_evan

        You'll need to upgrade from a wearable rate plan for your watch to a new rate plan - Data with Paired DIGITS.  This way your watch and your phone can share the same number.  You'll need to call care or go into store to upgrade.

        • cruelshoes

          I am going through this process. I added the Data with Paired DIGITS line and paired that with my main number. I waited a couple of hours for the SIM in my watch to be updated with the new Data with Paired DIGITS line. It did not update. Called in and was passed to a tech that tried to manually update it and that failed. At this point he has created a ticket with the help desk and states that it could take from 2 hours to 3 days for them to try and fix it.


          P.S. I know this is a new process, but, it has been difficult. The first rep signed me up for the free DIGITS Talk & Text instead of the Data with Paired DIGITS. I was not told the Data with Paired DIGITS line was not free but instead $15. I have been told that I will get a credit for $10 off of the $15 and the second person told me that it would be $5. No one knew how set up the Data with Paired DIGITS. They first tried to send me a SIM (the watch has a built in SIM) they figured that out, but I am stuck waiting for the built in SIM to update.


          TLDR; Doesn't work yet and I feel like a beta tester. This process was/is not ready for 'Prime Time'.

          • mtalexan

            I just had to go through this myself, and here it is months after the original release.  You have two options for the watch to share your line:

            1. Use it like a non-SIM enabled watch and keep it within WiFi and/or Bluetooth distance from your phone

            2. Add a service line to the watch so it has 3G network, add a service line item to the number you want to share, and configure DIGITS to share your primary line with your watch.


            For option 2, which is what I assume most people are looking for, it currently costs $25 a month to add a line to the watch, but you get a $10 discount on it.  Doing this one thing will also qualify you for the promotion they're currently having on the ZTE Quartz smartwatch of $6 back a month for 24 months if you bought it through T-Mobile. The part they seem to get confused about is the second half, you have to add a $10 a month service to your primary phone number that you want to be able to share.  Adding this extra $10 a month service allows you to share that phone number with any other T-Mobile enabled device.  With both of these services, you can then configure (or have configured for you) the DIGITS setting for your primary phone number to be shared with the smartwatch.



            Financed (0%) ZTE Quartz through T-Mobile           +$8/mo


            Smartwatch 3G service line                          +$25/mo

                   -discount                                    -$10/mo

                   -ZTE Quartz financing discount               -$6/mo


            Primary phone line DIGITS support service           +$10/mo


            Total Financed ZTE Quartz w/ shared number service  +$27/mo


            As a point of note, this total will also allow you to share your primary phone number with any/all devices you have on the T-Mobile network, and will also qualify you for any multi-line promotions (like a recent free Netflix account promotion for multi-line customers).