Digits App not working on WiFi with T-Mobile SIM?


    I have a Nexus6P purchased directly from Google.  Used wifi calling on Project Fi which is an MVNO of T-Mobile.  Switched to TMobile and discovered that if I'm in a location where there is no reception from TMobile towers or I put device in airplane mode and then turn on wifi that I cannot make or receive calls or sms/mms.  Both of these things I can do with a project Fi SIM and Verizon sim... 


    I have to remove the T-Mobile  SIM to be able to place a wifi call, which is outrageous!  OR use Google Hangouts Dialer.  But as for my T-Mobile number it's useless until I leave the residence and start to receive a decent tower reception!  I don't get any calls through or any texts.


    With DIGITS app I was hoping that I would be able to place and receive  calls with my T-Mobile number over wifi.  But that doesn't seem to be the case. As soon as I dial from Digits app it has me open up the stick Dialer.  If I have no cell tower reception it says it can't place a call and to turn on data (it obviously doesn't see the wifi connection as being connected) even though I have a T-Mobile router which should prioritize voip. 


    Meanwhile I can easily place a call using hangouts Dialer.  Will T-Mobile be looking into this?   My entire family has Nexus6P 's we all have the same issue!  I have put in a Verizon SIM into the Nexus 6P and can make calls over wifi, so I'm not buying the excuse it has to be backed into the firmware. Shouldn't the Digits app be able to bypass the SIM restrictions just like hangouts Dialer or Google voice? Also I installed Digits on an old Verizon branded Note 4 which is disconnected  on wifi only.  I can make and receive Wi-Fi calls and SMS on the Verizon Note 4, just not on my "main" phone Nexus6P which actually has a T-Mobile SIM.  So pretty much I have to carry around a second device just to make wifi calls when T-Mobile signal is not available?  Can someone please help?  Again keeping in mind that all of our family was on Project Fi which is an MVNO of T-Mobile and we were always connected to T-Mobile towers and we had no issues communicating via WiFi.  My Verizon branded Note 4 running Digits app over wifi connects with no problem.  Just not any device that has a T-Mobile SIM? Ridiculous don't you think?  Will T-Mobile be addressing this issue I'm sure so many people are experiencing, especially since T-Mobile claims that people can switch and keep their device and it's never been easier etc.. Etc.. ?

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      • leatherneck111

        I spent 5 hours on Twitter with T-Mobile....  I figured it out on my own!  Log out of Digits app!  Force stop it!  Then start Digits app.  When it asks you to enter a phone number DO NOT enter your number you've already registered!  Look down and click a SMALL underlined  "DATA ONLY".  Once you press that it'll go to the next screen and show your T-Mobile  number you registered already.  Enable it.  That's it...  Now you can go into airplane mode and turn on Wi-Fi and you can make calls via Wi-Fi! Sad there wasn't one T-Mobile employee who could guide me...  Wasted 5 hours...