New feature requested: Incoming call and incoming text as optional


    Is it possible to provide a feature where you can make incoming call as well as incoming text messages as separate optional features? Here is why:


    1. I may possibly want to setup my home phone (Line Link) on my wife's phone as well as my phone. There are times when I would like to let my wife only pick up the calls or vice-versa. If I have a check-box for incoming call and uncheck it, it should no longer ring on one phone. This may be close to the line state active / inactive feature that exist, but different in the sense that, although I will uncheck incoming call, I would still like to be able to make calls through my home phone, but using my cellphone when I am out (personal calls including some call centers that identify my home phone number better than my mobile)
    2. I may possibly want to use my DIGITS sim card on a non-smart phone. Just carry this phone only while on a trip or something, but don't want to be bothered by any incoming calls. In case of a quick need though, I need to be able to make outgoing calls
    3. Sometimes, I like to receive SMS messages on the DIGITS SIM line or DIGITS app; some other times not. I can list a ton of combinations on my preferences, where I would like to receive only text messages and not incoming calls, OR only incoming calls and no text messages.


    Please introduce this feature right on the online account instead of just an app feature -- keep in mind people who have DIGITS SIM line that may occasionally use the SIM card in a non-smart phone




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