overcharge for 2 yrs


    i have had charges occur monthly for 20.00 and 7.00 on 2 lines while my billing staement as far back as jan 17 were for 100.00 ive been told these are real charges but they suddenly appered and now im concerened pls help

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      • artart

        Re: overcharge for 2 yrs

        magenta1530526 wrote:


        i have had charges occur monthly for 20.00 and 7.00 on 2 lines while my billing staement as far back as jan 17 were for 100.00 ive been told these are real charges but they suddenly appered and now im concerened pls help

        Hi magenta1530526

        Could you please explain what your problem is a little better?


        Please use a separate sentence for each statement you are trying to make. It will be easier for us to understand.


        You state that you have been overcharged for two years, How much were you over charged for those two years?


        Have new charges appeared recently? When did those charges appear? Did those charges begin to appear on Jan 17, 2017 ?


        Have you had charges appear for the amounts of $20.00 and 7.00 for two lines on your monthly bill?


        Is your monthly bill supposed to be only $100?


        Who did you talk to? What did you say? What did they say?



        • tmo_amanda

          Re: overcharge for 2 yrs

          Happy Friday!


          It's concerning that you're seeing an unrecognizable charge on your bill that has been reoccurring for so long. Those definitely add up over time. Art asked some helpful questions that'll give us a better glimpse of what these charges are for.


          If you have already gotten this straightened out, fantastic! Keep us posted.

          • tmo_lauren

            Re: overcharge for 2 yrs

            Hey magenta1530526


            Just wanted to check in one more time to see if you could respond to those questions Art had so we can assist further.



            • rippedoffbyevilphonecompany

              I have the same issue. T-mobile is evil and will deliberately overcharge and keep billing you with no accountability. You're not alone in having your bill be too high, and though the public response is one of concern, they'll never actually give you that money back or fix it for you. They put on a face of good customer service but in reality will take whatever they can from you without apology.

                • magentadamien

                  Re: overcharge for 2 yrs

                  T-Mobile strives to be a pro-consumer company, from Uncarrier 1 with No contracts, to Anytime Upgrades, T-Mobile Tuesdays, Mobile Without Borders, Taxes and Fees included, Stock Up, Free GoGo, so it's disappointing to hear you're experiencing these issues. I would love to try my best to understand these charges and see where they came from and if they were falsly added, so please take a look at your bill, and tell me what these charges were listed under.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: overcharge for 2 yrs

                  Hey there, magenta1530526. I know it's been some time since your original post -- were you able to sort out the nature of these charges? We'd love to know a little more about how they're described on your statements so that we can help you determine what they're for. Please let us know if you still need assistance!


                  - Marissa

                  • tmo_mike_c

                    Re: overcharge for 2 yrs

                    Just stopping by to see if things have been sorted out. Please come back and let us know. We really wanna make sure something this important gets handled. Thanks!

                    • someguy8605

                      Re: overcharge for 2 yrs

                      Similar problem here... I want to love Tmobile so badly but I'm ready to switch to anything else


                      I (stupidly) assumed I was being charged appx $125 which I was quoted when initiating service.


                      In TWELVE months, Tmobile has billed me a total of $3,610.59. For ONE LINE. My $125/mo plan should cost around $1500 a year. Adding $20/mo (for wiggle room, etc) to the calculation should bring my yearly cost to appx $1740...leaving $1870.59 worth of inexplicable charges and "misc fees" billed.


                      When I inquired about my bills starting from Jan 2018 I was told that the only way she (rep) could retrieve them is to allow her access to my MyTmobile account, her logging in as a customer, using my login and password - which I hesitantly provided. After an hour on hold with a muted phone, I was told:


                      "per my supervisor, I have been asked to inform you that we have already assisted you with this matter. I am sorry but you waited 10 months to address this and we cannot help you at this time. Please consider using online forums for any future issues. Have a good day." 


                      Copying and pasting from the online chat with Fernando (Tmobile expert):


                      "This should have been address within 3 months or less from that time frame Wes. We always want to make sure we correct things right away."


                      Sorry, it took me this long to realize I was being taken by disguised fees?? I'm not looking for a flippin' handout; I'm looking for answers.


                      As a QA Manager, I get this is a frustrating and time-consuming issue for support staff and they are not at fault.  I do not get the blatant bill inflation backed by policies that do not require Tmobile to refund, credit, nor provide a legitimate explanation for said charges. It is beyond concerning and reminiscent of similar "mishappenings" which led to a 90 million dollar lawsuit/settlement. *DO NOT FORGET TO OPT OUT OF THE ARBITRATION CLAUSE within the first 30 days of new service*


                      Thankfully, (and obviously with legally-binding consent) I have recorded all verbal communication with Tmobile as advised by counsel.


                      Supervisor scheduled a call-back for 6pm yesterday. It is 11:06am the next day. I am going to call one more time before I post this to see if anyone can help me understand what is happening... Fingers crossed*


                      *Update - 12:05pm. Was told that someone would call me eventually. No timeframe. Annnndd my account is under investigation? 


                      Am I in the twilight zone? Literally what in the world is going on, Tmobile?

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                      • barcodeable

                        Re: overcharge for 2 yrs

                        i check my account everyday to see if there are any unauthorized changes made by T-Mobile.

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                          • someguy8605

                            Re: overcharge for 2 yrs

                            Very diligent and patient of you...and necessary, so it seems. Took only 30 mins of shopping around w Sprint, Verizon, etc to find a better plan, better coverage, SUPERIOR support, Unlimited everything, willing to cover early termination fees, AND an upgrade to iPhone Max for under $100/mo - no strings.


                            Support has yet to reach out to me regarding the  investigation into my billing errors...call me old fashioned, but I believe in integrity and at least some sort of transparency when it comes to my money. Money = Time & time's up w/ tmobile. will update w resolution. hopefully :/

                              • barcodeable

                                Re: overcharge for 2 yrs

                                The time it takes me to check my T-Mobile account may be equivalent to how long it takes others to check their social media accounts. It only takes me less than 5 minutes a day to check.


                                I check my account just to make sure that (a) all my lines are there, (b) my cellular plan is still the same, and (c) the dollar amount is still the same.... i also check on a monthly basis regarding the individual features of each line... i screenshot my features just incase i need to prove that things are missing or have changed without my permission.


                                That’s awesome you found another cellular carrier that has a better plan and better coverage for you. T-Mobile coverage in my area improved over the years, but it is still below average.... i have no coverage in my home.... i use my free mobile Sprint line when I need to make a call inside. Im hoping this year coverage will be better.