Payment for the last month


    My friends and I were using a T-Mobile family plan. Some of us were leaving the country, so we decided to cancel the plan.

    I talked to one of the representatives on the phone to discuss about the cancellation. She told me  that we could end the plan during May, and the last payment would be due at the beginning of June (June 7th I believe). Now our numbers are canceled. We do not have any numbers to link to the My T-Mobile account, so we can't use the website to pay the bill. None of us are in the US right now, so we can't visit the stores neither.

    We do have active US credit cards for the payment, but how can we pay the bill now?

    Thanks for the help.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Payment for the last month

        Hey there, 100119317! Thanks for taking the time to reach out regarding your balance. When you're located overseas, remitting payment can definitely be a little tricky. We have an international customer care number you can call listed on our Contact Us page. I do want to make sure we give you a heads up: without an active T-Mobile SIM, dialing this number while located internationally can have a cost associated. We appreciate your effort to settle the balance on the account!


        - Marissa