DIGITS May 31 Launch. How may we help?


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    Just read about the May 31 DIGITS launch.


    My first thought was Oh Boy! Things are going to get a little bit hectic around here. Since I have not been part of the beta test group, I probably know as little about DIGITS, as anybody else does in the public arena.


    I decided to try to learn about the options and steps that need to be taken to signup for DIGITS; from the point of view of someone who has never visited the Community Forum before.


    I will be spending some time learning what I can about DIGITS without logging in so I can verify the ease or difficulty a new forum user who is only "looking" (lurking) might have obtaining info about DIGITS. My initial concern is a visitor might get confused or sidetracked by all of the DIGITS beta testing (trouble shooting) threads. I will also be studying how easy the learning experience is from a new member's point of view (after login).


    I started by searching "T-Mobile Digits" on google.

    So far great! The #1 result was DIGITS | T-Mobile Support .


    My immediate concern was the same one I had before I decided to undertake this study. All of the discussions that have gone on by beta testers could serve to sidetrack and confuse people who come to the community to learn about or sign up to use DIGITS.  At the bottom of the digits landing page is a long list of "Recent discussions". In my humble opinion that might be asking for big trouble. How many new people are going to wander into beta testing discussions about bugs and fixes, when they are simply here to sign up. What if they start asking basic signup questions in all of those beta threads?


    Instead of "Recent Discussions", I believe it would be less confusing to initially have only an   "Off icial DIGITS  launch Discussion Thread". As new questions and answer threads  develop, links could be selectively added under the link to the "Off icial" thread. Of course the T-Mo staff, could start the thread with a welcome and offer for the visitor or new member to ask questions in that thread.


    Over time, as other new DIGITS discussion threads develop, some of those threads could be selected to be made "sticky" by placing links to those discussions directly under the link to the primary (initial), "DIGITS Launch Discussions." (thread)


    I have altered the key word,   " laiciffo " spelled backwards,  which is my suggested name for the primary DIGITS launch thread, so that people searching for that particular key word don't arrive here instead of at the proper starting place for newcomers to ask their questions.


    Perhaps other members might have some suggestions

    that could improve the ease of access visitors will have to DIGITS information.



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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: DIGITS May 31 Launch. How may we help?

        artart, I like your style. We never want to remove posts that can be beneficial, and I do think that although the majority of the bugs mentioned in the existing haul of DIGITS discussions have been resolved with updates to the app and the downloadable client during Beta, there are other threads that follow more of a "how-to" nature that could prove useful to new DIGITS users. That said, I see your point about confusion that could occur if new DIGITS adopters are looking for answers and the previous content is the first thing that catches their eye.

        I think the "Laiciffo" launch thread concept is really interesting... and you know we're no stranger to the benefit of threads like that for equipment launches! Plus, in this upgraded version of Support, we now have the ability to "feature" discussions in some spaces, so we may be able to take a thread like that to the top, where it's highlighted. I'll take the feedback to the team and see what we can come up with. Thank you so much for the idea and for being so eager to help!


        - Marissa