Digits Launch Question on pricing?


    Good Morning,


    First and for most  THANK YOU to the Digits team, Evan F. and everyone who made digits possible,  the service has been incredible for my needs and has for the greater most part worked well since the very beginning. Any issue i had was promptly addressed, or explained.


    With Digits launching in full today,  i have a question.. i currently have a T mobile line that i got for the sole intent of using as Digits.  Its provisioned as a "virtual" number, multi devices.   My question is, in time or at launch is there a pricing plan to allow customers to have a "virtual only" line at a reduced cost then the standard rate for a single line (70$)...   Currently i dont have the original associated sim card for my number in a phone and i dont ever use any data associated to the t mobile line.   It purely acts as a line for calling and texting (secondary mobile line for work).

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