Digits Nougats support questions


    Is there a plan for T-Mobile to support other (non-samsung) nougat phones with the baked in multi-line dialer?


    Also, is there plans for Digits to be compatible with google assistant for voice SMS/MMS and dialing?

    Currently I cannot figure out how to tell google to dial using the digits app so I have to manually dial.


    Every time I rename my second line (default is my name for both lines), the change is only local to my device and only for that session until phone is rebooted or digits re-started. Are there plans for this to change? App does not offer option to save the renaming


    All line settings seem to be local to the device. Uploaded contacts, web interface only shows google contacts,no exchange, even when exchange explicitly connected to web app. Line colors are also unique to device.


    Are there plans to smooth these little hiccups? If so, I may permanently convert my 2nd line. Otherwise, iffy. Great potential to this product.