Time to thank DIGITS Engineering Team and Evan Feldman


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    As possibly all of you know that DIGITS is ready to leave BETA and will be born (read will go LIVE for public use) on 31st May 2017 i.e. next Thursday. It's time we say #MagentaThank to all the Engineering Team Members of DIGITS BETA, all the T-Mo admins like tmo_marissa tmo_amanda tmo_mike_c tmo_chris and our beloved evanmf  (Evan Feldman) who worked hard to make this happen for T-Mobile customers. Also, it's time to thank tens of thousands of BETA participants who tested and did complex acid tests and pushed the DIGITS infrastructure to limits to reveal bugs and glitches for the BETA team. I believe there are still a few glitches here and there as I reported regarding LineLink and DIGITS integration but I am sure DIGITS team will smoothen them before commercial launch.


    Read the following links:














    , at the end it mentions, I quote "As a special thank you, T-Mobile is giving every one of the tens of thousands of customers who participated in the DIGITS beta program their extra DIGITS lines for as long as they’re with T-Mobile.". So will it be the case that all the BETA testers will get a FREE DIGITS VIRTUAL number as long as they are with T-Mobile (Frankly I don't see a reason to leave T-Mobile in any way)? If that is the case that will be an awesome way to #Thank the BETA testers. Please confirm evanmf.

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