How to get a virtual number for Gear S3


    Recently purchased a used Gear S3 and would like to get it paired with my primary device/number.

    From what I can tell, I need to get a virtual number for the S3.

    A number was assigned to it when I got the T-Mobile ONE Wearable service, but can't find a way on my end to pair that number with with my primary number.


    When I called in for assistance, was told this is not possible without the Digits app. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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      • tmo_evan

        Re: How to get a virtual number for Gear S3

        What you'll want to get is to upgrade your wearable rate plan to the new Data with Paired DIGITS.  When you do this, your Gear S3 and your primary phone will share the same phone number.


        Since we just announced our commercial availability, on May 31, you should be able to go to your local T-Mobile store or call in to care and they'll be able to take care of you.


        Hope this helps, just a few more days and you should be good to go!