DIGITS and LineLink combination is broken?


    evanmf  tmo_chris


    Requesting your immediate attention as DIGITS launch is around the corner.


    Looks like DIGITS and LineLink integration is broken.


    Whenever I am calling from DIGITS app (both Android version 1.0.229 and iOS version 1.0.33) using my LineLink number (I have StateSide service available on it), the call is NOT going through. Either I am receiving this message "The subscriber whom you have called is not in service. Please check. Message: OO something" or I am receiving three engage tones and call is getting disconnected. Same recipient numbers, when called from my home phone via the LineLink device or called from my Samsung GS7 Edge (LineLink mapped as Virtual line via Multi-line settings), calls go through perfectly. Please have someone look at it immediately. PM me if you need further info.

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