Login Security: Why am I using PAH credentials for DIGITS?


    T-Mobile should allow the creation of separate login credentials for DIGITS usage to isolate and help keep Primary Account Holder login safe. 


    T-Mobile should also strongly consider implementing Two-Factor Authentication for login for those that want it.


    Has this been discussed before?  Anybody else here concerned about account security?

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      • debjitjdv

        As per my understanding, if you are the PAH then you shall be using the PAH login but once DIGITS launches formally on 5/31/2017, every number will be DIGITS enabled and then the T-Mo ID associated with that particular number should be able to login without using PAH.

          • ocotillo

            Thanks debjitjdv.


            Yes I understand and that makes sense.  I guess I was unclear.  For those who use DIGITS and have PAH status on my.t-mobile.com, there is a security risk.


            To mitigate the risk, I want my DIGITS login and password to be completely separate from my login for managing the account on my.t-mobile.com.


            I want that option.





          • debjitjdv

            Would you mind to elaborate what kind of security risk you are looking at? If you are PAH and login using PAH credential, then it is supposed that thhe PAH credential or the last 4 digits of your social should be known to you only. Any other member of your plan should get an authorization from you before they can do anything. At least that's how I have my family plan setup and I have 18 members in my plan.


            And if you are worried, which makes perfect sense to me, you can always use your phone number to login other than your PAH credentials. Does that sound right?