Unable to send MMS to One Number


    Suddenly last week, I'm no longer able to send MMS to my girlfriend's number if the picture was taken with my Verizon iPhone. We're both on the same T-Mobile plan. My native T-Mobile device is an LG V20, and I can send her MMS fine from there.


    Inside the DIGITS app, I get an error that file size was exceeded. This was never an issue before, as we text frequently and I use the DIGITS app for nearly all SMS/MMS in order to jump headfirst into the beta test. I've also tried on LTE, WiFi, and also with Verizon WiFi Calling enabled/disabled. They will not send under any network condition.


    The same image I can't send to her can be sent to others on T-Mobile. And I just tried again this morning with another picture, getting the same error.

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