Group Message delay on iPhone 7plus


    I've been with T-Mobile for about 7 months and I've been consistently having group message delays.  I'm in a chat with 3 iPhone and 1 android.  They all have Verizon and me T-Mobile.  They'll have a conversation and I will get a series of 20 messages sent all at once about 30+ minutes after it was sent by user.  I've seen that they don't have this problem, it's just me.  Is there any fixes to this? 


    I've done a hard reset, deleted text messages, no Wifi calling on


    Any other help?  This is beyond frustrating and becoming something that won't be worth staying onboard if it continues.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Group Message delay on iPhone 7plus

        I totally understand how this can put a damper on your group messages! I am in quite a few group messages myself and would be super bummed if I was getting all these delayed messages. Out of curiosity, do you know if this happens when you are in a group messages with only iOS devices? Also, what kinds of signal strength do you typically get on your phone when you notice that you haven't got any replies in the group message? Are you noticing a delay when you are only texting a single number?

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Group Message delay on iPhone 7plus

          Hey, there! Just wanted to touch base and see if you're still having group message trouble! If so, would you mind taking a peek at the questions tmo_chris asked above? A few more details can help us narrow down the issue! Thanks.


          - Marissa

          • beh162

            Re: Group Message delay on iPhone 7plus

            It doesn't matter what bars I've had, it can be full strength or 1 bar and it still does it. It seems to be groips that include atleast 1 non iPhone user.  I don't see any delays with single texts, only group

            • beh162

              Re: Group Message delay on iPhone 7plus

              Yes I recently restarted the thread fresh again with no messages and still see the issue

              • misterroy

                Re: Group Message delay on iPhone 7plus

                I've been having this issue since I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile. I have it happen a lot on my iPhone 7+, my wife says it periodically happens on her iPhone 6S+. I am not only getting delayed group texts (not iMessage) but also receiving voicemail notifications 30-60 minutes late. I've gone round and round with support, nobody is able to fix this. I even reloaded iOS 10.3.2, that didn't work either. I was told by T-Mobile support it's an issue with the iPhone 7 and that Apple is supposed to be releasing a fix in Q3 2017. However, since it's also happening on my wife's 6S+, I am not so sure.


                Apple will not comment on upcoming software updates.


                I am at a loss, considering going back.