What exactly is being updated in the new Note 5 "QE1" update?


    The new Nougat update "N920TUVU4EQE1" for Note 5 from May 21st, 2017 only says it's providing an "intermittent call failure fix". Is that it? No UI improvements? No new features?

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      • stevetjr

        They will only say what is listed on the update page.  You have to remember all the updates are done by Samsung, T-Mobile only tests and approves them. 


        Of course if you haven't upgraded to Nougat (Android 7) then you will get that also.  If you were already on Nougat was there a new feature you were expecting?  This looks like just a small patch update to fix a problem with the main Nougat update and they never usually list it but generally the update will have the next security update from Google in it.