No signal Norther CA


    I am receiving a no service in an area I normally get service. Why is there not a way to message someone on the computer to fix this problem?

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      • stu4090

        Re: No signal Norther CA

        and no help........

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: No signal Norther CA

          Aw that's no bueno that you're having trouble like this stu4090 .


          I have a few suggestions that could help. With CA being a pretty large area, you'll wanna start by looking at our coverage map to see what service is available there. Can you tell us what phone you have? If you haven't already, try taking the SIM card out of your phone for a bit and putting it back in to see if you can get signal. You can even try manually scanning for networks to see if your phone finds T-Mobile. We really wanna do everything we can to help so please keep us updated after you give those steps a shot. Thanks for posting.

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: No signal Norther CA

            Hey, stu4090! We just wanted to check back in here. I'm hoping the issue you were experiencing was a temporary outage... are you seeing signal in the impacted area again?

            I know this format doesn't easily lend itself to immediate interaction, since it's a public user forum the response time truly depends on who's online at the time of your post. If you're in this position again and looking for real-time assistance, you are always welcome to reach out to our social media team, T-Force. You can contact them through DM on Twitter (@tmobilehelp) or Message on Facebook, and we can take a look at emerging issues for you and let you know if there's an ongoing coverage concern in your area. How is everything going now?


            - Marissa

            • tmo_amanda

              Re: No signal Norther CA

              Good morning!


              I just wanted to stop by one last time to see if you're able to pick up a signal in Northern California now. If not, please take a look at the questions that Mike and Marissa asked above so we can get a better picture of the issue.